Who’s Interfering with New Findings on Dangers of Arsenic in Water?

The Center for Public Integrity is out today with a new investigative report on the dangers of arsenic in drinking water. Like many dangerous substances, even tiny amounts can be harmful to one’s health.

According to the article, women are especially vulnerable.

“EPA scientists have concluded that if 100,000 women consumed the legal limit of arsenic each day, 730 of them eventually would get lung or bladder cancer.”

But a single paragraph inserted into a Congressional committee report by a member of Congress is keeping the EPA from making important, new, official findings on the dangers of arsenic in water, according to CPI.

Read all about it.

[ilink url=”https://www.publicintegrity.org/2014/06/28/15000/how-politics-derailed-epa-science-arsenic-endangering-public-health”]Read the Center for Public Integrity story on arsenic[/ilink]

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