How Secretive is Your State on Executive Orders?

Before he was president, Barack Obama criticized supposed overuse of executive orders. Now that he’s the nation’s chief executive officer, he has embraced executive orders as a way to accomplish his policy objectives when Congress doesn’t agree with him.  That’s now the subject of a planned lawsuit by Republican House Speaker John Boehner.

But U.S. presidents aren’t the only politicians who make liberal use of executive orders. They’re also popular among governors. A new report from the Sunlight Foundation looks at how this authority is used and how easy–or difficult–it is to obtain information about it at the state level. You can see how your state ranks in terms of openness of executive order information. For example, Alaska, Kentucky, Louisiana and Minnesota are among those that get an “A.” Georgia and Hawaii are among those who get “F’s.”

[ilink url=””]Read the Sunlight Foundation report on State Executive Order Transparency[/ilink]



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