Six Under-Served Stories Covered by Attkisson

1. Questionable Spending of Federal Disaster Relief Funds After Super Storm Sandy

While Residents Still Await Help, Money Spent on Tourism Ads. July 9, 2014 via Sinclair Media


2. Military Injustice? Marine Corps Commandant James Amos and the Urinating on Taliban Video Case

What Happened to the U.S. Marines Urinating on the Taliban Case? July 16, 2014 via

What Happened to the U.S. Marines Accused in the Case? July 16, 2014 via


3. Sen. Coburn: VA System Responsible for Thousands of Veteran Deaths

1000’s of Vets May Have Died Due to VA Malfeasance. June 24, 2014 via and


4. Obamacare Disappointment: Only 3.4 Million Newly-Insured Out of 38 Million Eligible

Obamacare Exchange Signups: “Disappointing,” Says Insider. June 24, 2014 via


5. “S.U.P.P.O.R.T.”: Investigation into the Federal Baby Oxygen Trials on Preemies–and What Went Wrong

Full Disclosure: Did Government’s Experiment on Preemies Hide Risks? June 3, 2014 via

Full Disclosure: “Input” Stalls Agency Ethics Probe in Baby Oxygen Trials. June 4, 2014 via

Full Disclosure: Parents Fault Federal Study for Putting Preemies in Harm’s Way. June 5, 2014 via


6. Vietor and Morell Differ on White House Involvement in Incorrect Benghazi Talking Points

Did ex-Obama Administration Officials Contradict Each Other’s Stories on Benghazi? May 3, 2014 via





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