Updated: A Message from the Brian Terry Foundation

I’m helping get the word out for the family of Brian Terry, the Border Patrol agent murdered by illegal immigrant rip crew bandits armed with Fast and Furious rifles.

From the Brian Terry Foundation:

[ilink url=”https://secure.piryx.com/donate/S811v73k/Brian-Terry-Foundation/treks_trek”]Secure Donation Link to Trek’s Trek[/ilink]

Erik “Trek” Utrecht is on a mission to ride 2,000 miles to raise awareness and funds for the Brian Terry Foundation. The ride is called Trek’s Trek and he intends to ride from Flat Rock, Michigan to Bisbee, Arizona in a 20 day span.

In the spring of this year, there was a scam artist who bilked thousands of dollars from individuals and companies, all under the banner of contributing directly to the Brian Terry Foundation. In fact, Utrecht was one of the victims of the scam. The fraud was exposed, the perpetrator disgraced, and many took it to heart. Utrecht, who has been known for years for his physical-challenge based fundraising events, took it upon himself to try to set things right.

Utrecht says on his Facebook page for the event:

“In the Spring of this year, it came to light that funds that were donated in good faith by scores of folks across the Nation for the Brian Terry Foundation never made it to the Foundation. That situation has come and gone and even as aggravating as it was, it brought the unresolved and unacceptable story of Brian Terry’s murder and Operation Fast and Furious back to the forefront. To this day, only those rip-crew suspects that were there the night Brian was murdered in 2010 have been prosecuted. No member of our government has been held criminally responsible for Operation Fast and Furious.”

Utrecht’s goal of this ride is to bring awareness to and direct donations to the Brian Terry Foundation.

“On 15 September of this year, I will depart Flat Rock, MI, the hometown and final resting place of Brian Terry and bicycle over 2,000 miles to Bisbee, AZ, the home of the Brian Terry Border Patrol Station. As of today, it will be roughly 100 + miles a day for 23 days total on the road. I will be doing this by myself with no support crew. It is going to be a helluva challenge but one I welcome. My goal of this journey is simple: Raise awareness and donations for the Brian Terry Foundation. Lets make the next 60 days something for the record books. If we can get 100,000 folks to donate a dollar….one dollar, we will give the Brian Terry Foundation what it needs to continue its mission for a long time.“

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