FBI Radio: Public Service or Self-Serving?

The FBI’s Office of Public Affairs provides info it wants you to have–not necessarily what you want to receive.

FBIListen to the radio and you might run across a segment that sounds something like a news report. A newsy music introduction plays as woman’s officious-sounding voice begins narrating a story. In a stilted delivery that appears to mimic that of a news anchor, the woman states, “In a move demonstrating the FBI’s valuable role of protecting national security, Director James Comey creates a separate Intelligence Branch…”

It turns out this isn’t a news report at all. And the ‘news anchor’ is actually a public affairs specialist. You might call the radio spot a faux news report brought to you by the FBI.

[ilink url=”https://linkis.com/dailysign.al/vgqq0″]Read the rest of the story on the DailySignal.com[/ilink]

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