Marine Corps Whistleblower in Taliban Urination Video Case Promoted

James Weirick, the Marine Corps whistleblower in the prosecution of the Marines accused in the urinating-on-the-Taliban-video has been promoted to lieutenant colonel.

Lt. Col. James Weirick, Marine Corps Whistleblower
Lt. Col. James Weirick, Marine Corps Whistleblower

Weirick, an attorney who was assigned to prosecute the Taliban video urination case, alleged unlawful command influence on the part of Marine Corps Commandant James Amos. The Defense Department Inspector General did not issue a report but reportedly cleared Amos of any wrongdoing.

Weirick was selected for promotion in 2012 before he filed his complaint against Amos. In an exclusive interview with me for, Weirick said that as a result of his complaint, he was removed from his job as a judge advocate prosecutor and has not been invited to return. He now works in a non-prosecutorial job in support of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

 Originally published Sept. 7, 2014

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