New Gallup Poll: Most Americans Not Worried About Ebola

  • Less confidence in govt. to handle Ebola
  • No major change in the percentage of Americans worried about getting Ebola

imagesA new Gallup poll finds slipping confidence in the federal government’s ability to handle an outbreak of Ebola. Fifty-two percent of Americans say they are very or somewhat confident in the government. That’s down nine points from early October. Democrats are more likely than Republicans to have confidence in the government.

When it comes to fear about getting Ebola: that number is only up slightly. Twenty-four percent of Americans say they are worried compared to 22% two weeks ago.

Only 20% of Americans believe Ebola will be a major crisis or outbreak in the U.S.

According to Gallup, [quote]”Most Americans continue to say that the Ebola virus ultimately will not strike the U.S. at all — even though cases have already been reported in the U.S. — or predict only a minor outbreak.”[/quote]

Read more about the Gallup Ebola poll here

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