Who Killed Alex Spourdalakis?

In August of 2013, I reported on the tragic case of Alex Spourdalakis: a teen who had autism and severe gut-related health issues. His mother and Alex’s caretaker suffered extreme distress after finding themselves unable to care for him and unable to get proper help. Together, they stabbed him to death and attempted their own suicides.

What makes this horrible story more compelling is the fact that prior to Alex’s death, the Autism Media Channel had followed the family’s travails for a documentary. The resulting film provides an extraordinary and perhaps unprecedented look at the stresses faced by some families of autistic children and the shortfalls in the system that is, sometimes, ill-equipped to help.

Recently, the film won Best Documentary at the New York City Oktoberfest Film Festival.

Watch the CBS News story on Alex’s case

Watch viewers respond to the film at a NYC film festival

Originally published on Oct. 9, 2014


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1 thought on “Who Killed Alex Spourdalakis?”

  1. Our children, parents and caretakers are tired and worn out. This is one problem the medical experts have no intention of addressing. If they did, they would have to uncover and bring to light the horrible secrets they hide. On the other side, those who desire medical autonomy believe that someone will care enough to help. Many believe our current President is that person, but I haven’t seen anything that supports that. He is too immersed in making a profit to be able to focus on the needs of the people. I would like to bring change that will uncover all of the secrets and hold those guilty accountable, set in place structures to support our hurt children/parents/caregivers and begin healing. Only someone who is a healer can do this and I am. Please spread the word…https://www.awinnforus.com

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