Book Party Coverage: Proving the “Stonewalled” Point

Stonewalled__38079.1406901750.116.175Thank you to those who attended my DC book party. Naturally, some in the press mis-portrayed it as a conservative-only affair. (Politico/Hadas Gold). So,a special thanks to the inconspicuous and unmentioned who don’t fit the press’ chosen narrative including: Center for Public Integrity, Project on Govt. Oversight, fmr. ACORN DC office director, ProPublica, Pulitzer-Prize-winner, some members of my investigative team, CBS News employees, fmr. Clinton official, fmr. Obama officials, various whistleblowers, Oh yeah, And Politico. Which published the article implying it was just a bunch of conservatives. Please refer to p.344 of Stonewalled for more on this phenomenon.

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