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Mobdro is a great video content provider network, that had been doing a great job since 3 years and their services always remained free for the users. This cool video streaming application has a lot of great features and everyone loves it. The application was first developed for the android users exclusively and later it was released for the iOS users and for other mobile devices too.

Now it is one of the leading video content provider all over the world. And they have promised to open websites and make it available for more operating systems too. Mobdro for PC using Linux is also one of the leading operating system and many people use Linux as their daily computer using operating system. So, in this post I will walk you through a detailed guide on how to install Mobdro on Linux.

How to install Mobdro on Linux?

The procedure for the process is pretty simple, but some of the steps are different for different users and some of them are quite complicated. The process consists of 2 parts, in the first part you will install a windows emulator known as wine to run the executable installation files which runs only on windows and in the second part we will install the bluestacks executable file and install the bluestacks software in Linux using wine.

Part one

Now make sure you have installed all the necessary Java development environment kit in your Linux operating system and then make sure that your Linux operating system is up to date, if not then use the commands like “suds apt-get update” and “suds apt-get upgrade”, these 2 commands are used to update all the packages in Linux. The word suds should be added before the command if you are not a root user, if you are the system administrator then you can directly use the commands.

Part two

Now type “suds apt-get install wine” and hit enter, it will search and list all the packages to download and install to make it run, so it will ask for a conformation, enter Y and hit enter, then you will have the wine software installed in your Linux operating system, now go ahead install the bluestacks application on your Linux OS using wine application.

Now you can directly open the bluestacks application and open the play store, you will be prompted to add your google account, so go ahead and add it and you will have the Cinemabox Apk google play services running successfully, now install the mobdro application by just downloading the apk file of mobdro and then open it with wine, then you can open it using blue stack app player and you will have everything working fine.

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