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Hey guys. For those who think that all Apple products are costly or not affordable, introducing to you guys the one Apple product which does not take a penny. Safari is the equivalent of Internet Explorer from Apple. As mentioned already, it is a freeware. As time passes by, the developers keep on coming up with the new versions of the app. The Safari 3 major version was launched on June 11, 2007. This version was the first release for the Windows Vista and Windows XP, but won’t be supported on Windows 2000 officially. The latest version comes under the major 5 version, which is called Safari 5.1.7.

With every new version, the features are added or the existing features are improved. Security is one of the features which will be improved with every upcoming version. In 5.1.4, the javascript performance was improved when compared to the previous version i.e. 5.1.3, along with that the quickness in response when typing in the search field, the stability of the app, adaptability with other operating systems, etc were improved.

The full-screen web page was introduced in the 5.1 version of the safari browser. This feature proved to be an advantage over the other browsers as maximum data is displayed, and the user seldom needs to touch the mouse to scroll up or down. Compatibility is improved in every version change, but officially, no version of Safari for Android is compatible with Windows 2000. Well, after the improvements that came in Windows operating systems, and the versions that came, I don’t think any user will be using the windows 2000 in their PC. If windows 2000 can be left as an exception, then compatibility is something that you have to give credit to safari. It will work smoothly with any version of Windows, iOS, and Mac.

Now, coming to the downloading part, it is a very easy task. Go to this website-

You will find the option to download the browser. Click on the link. It won’t take much time to download safari web browser for pc. That is another advantage that you get with Safari. After the download is done successfully, you will get an option to run the setup file. Click on Run to proceed with the process. After you are done with that you can install the browser and enjoy faster search with safari. And yeah, you can delete the other browser you have in your windows PC.

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