States Continue War Over Obamacare

State lawmakers are at odds over hundreds of bills to either cripple or prop up the Affordable Care Act. The Center for Public Integrity has published a comprehensive investigation examining the efforts to gut or enhance Obamacare.

[box]In state capitals around the country, from Albany and Columbia to Austin and Sacramento, lawmakers have been mulling over hundreds of proposals that reflect a myriad of starkly different views on Obamacare as settled law.[/box]

[quote]A Center for Public Integrity review found that more than 700 Obamacare-related bills were filed in the states during 2014 or carried over from 2013 in states where legislatures allow that. Five states, California, Hawaii, Illinois, New York and Washington, saw 50 or more health bills each, according to data from the National Conference of State Legislatures, or NCSL.[/quote]

[button link=””]Read the Center for Public Integrity Investigation[/button]

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