Whistleblower Farmer Files Retaliation Complaint Against Perdue Chicken Company

A program affiliated with the watchdog group the Government Accountability Project (GAP) has filed a whistleblower retaliation complaint against Perdue. The complaint alleges Perdue initiated intimidation tactics against a farmer who exposed serious chicken welfare concerns.

[quote]”This is an historic event, the first case and filing of its kind in the U.S., where a contract farmer and whistleblower files a lawsuit of this nature against a large poultry producer. This landmark filing marks a first step in an effort for contract farmers to have the right to speak out against unfair and inhumane conditions on large-scale farms.”–Govt. Accountability Project[/quote]

According to published reports, Perdue has denied that the North Carolina farm depicted in the video (below) reflect its animal welfare standards.

[button link=”https://action.ciwf.com/ea-action/action?ea.client.id=1872&ea.campaign.id=32809&ea.tracking.id=homepage”]See the whistleblower video on Chicken Factory Farms here[/button]

[button link=”https://www.foodwhistleblower.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Perdue_Complaint.pdf”]Read the complaint here[/button]

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