Hillary Clinton Wants to Testify to Benghazi Committee Sooner Rather Than Later

Former secretary of state and current Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says there is no reason to delay her appearance before the Benghazi Select Committee.

Her attorney David Kendall sent that message in a letter to the committee yesterday.

[quote]”There is no reason to delay her appearance or have her testify in a private interview.”–Clinton attorney David Kendall[/quote]

That assertion comes in response to a March 31 letter to Clinton from Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy, R-S.C. Gowdy’s letter indicated there are many “questions and details” about Clinton’s private email server use that remain unanswered.

“These questions have already been answered,” said Kendall to Gowdy. In a follow up statement, Gowdy disagreed.

Regardless, Kendall says Clinton will answer the committee’s questions about Benghazi and her email practices. The timing remains uncertain. While Clinton and her supporters on the committee want her to appear sooner rather than later, Republicans have long said they must be able to review all of the relevant records and documents prior to any interview. They say they have yet to receive thousands of pages they have requested.

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