Media Matters for the Left: David Brock’s mission to boost Hillary Clinton and smear non-leftist sources of news

Below is the link to an interesting article by Capital Research Center that dissects the seedy world of a left-wing attack blog called “Media Matters” and its attempt to portray itself as a neutral media watchdog. The question is why some in the media use Media Matters, with all its well-known false information and implications, as if it is a neutral or legitimate source.  Do they not know better? Or do they know better but simply like the material? The author of the article asks another question:

“This raises the obvious question: Why is this disreputable 501(c)(3) nonprofit [Media Matters] still tax-exempt? And why has Media Matters, unlike conservative and Tea Party groups, been mysteriously immune from IRS audits?”

Read the Capital Research Center article on Media Matters

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