Obamacare official in California: ‘Avoid using public email’

Part two of my investigation into Covered California, Obamacare’s biggest state experiment:

Aiden Hill’s introduction to the secretive culture at Covered California came in his first days on the job. He had just been hired to head up the agency’s $120 million call center effort when he emailed a superior April 18, 2013 and got a text message in reply:

“Please refrain from writing a lot of draft contract language in government email. . . And don’t clarify via email. . . No email.”

Later, concerned about contractor performance, Hill conducted an Internet search for “best practices” information to forward a superior. Afterward he got this text:

“Aiden—Please stop using government email for your searches.”

Hill saw the text messages as a deliberate effort to avoid a paper trail subject to public disclosure. And he says some higher-ups grew increasingly upset by his efforts to flag alleged incompetence and waste…

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