Join the 2015 Whistleblower Summit

There may be no greater expression of bravery in America today.

Whether it’s a federal worker with a conscience trying to expose government waste, fraud or abuse…. or a corporate employee witnessing public wrongs, becoming a “whistleblower” has never been more difficult.

Those who step forward usually lose their careers and have their personal lives thrown into turmoil. They find themselves not only attacked by those on whom they blow the whistle–but also, increasingly, by the news media, propaganda blogs and the astroturf crowd. They often question, target and bully whistleblowers with a vigor not applied to those accused of great wrongs.

Join a group of whistleblowers that comes together each year in Washington D.C. to support each other and acknowledge people who dared to speak up.

The ACORN 8 ( and Drum Majors For Truth (DM4T) will co-host this year’s Whistleblower Summit for Civil and Human Rights. Whistleblowers and their advocates, as well as the entire civil rights community and interested citizens are invited to participate.

The focus of this year’s three-day summit will be Whistleblowers and Judical Reform with a different highlight each day: Whistleblower Appreciation, Civil Rights and Human Rights.

Opening registration is Wed. July 29, 9 am at the Mott House 122 Maryland Ave, NE, Washington D.C. 20002 All events are free except the luncheon (which is $5o per guest). There will also be a book signing, film screening and panel discussions about strengthening free speech protections.

This is an opportunity to meet a broad spectrum of whistleblowers and supporters from the realms of national security, USDA, law enforcement, non-profits, financial sectors, military and veterans affairs.

For more info email [email protected], call 202.370.6635 or visit


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