Benghazi Committee: Hillary Clinton Made “False” Claim About Subpoena

Today, the House Benghazi Committee released its subpoena of Hillary Clinton. In a statement, the Committee explained that it issued the subpoena in March but had not made it public. Why now? According to committee Chairman Trey Gowdy, R-South Carolina:

[quote]“I would not make this one public now, but after Secretary Clinton falsely claimed the committee did not subpoena her, I have no choice in order to correct the inaccuracy.”–Rep. Trey Gowdy[/quote]

Clinton’s subpoena statement came in an interview on CNN when asked about her unusual–and critics claim unlawful–email arrangement as secretary of state using a personal server and deleting thousands of records without making them available for independent review.

[quote]”I’ve never had a subpoena.”–Hillary Clinton[/quote]

“I’ve never had a subpoena,” said Clinton. “There is — again, let’s take a deep breath here. Everything I did was permitted by law and regulation. I had one device. When I mailed anybody in the government, it would go into the government system.”

Read Hillary Clinton Subpoena Here

Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill is quoted in the New York Times as saying Clinton meant that there was no subpoena for her records pending at the time she deleted tens of thousands of emails in fall of 2014.

“She was asked about her decision to not retain her personal emails after providing all those that were work-related, and the suggestion was made that a subpoena was pending at that time,” Merrill told the Times. “That was not accurate.”

The Benghazi Committee has learned that Hillary Clinton did not turn over some emails covered by longstanding congressional requests in its investigation.

In a statement today, Gowdy said, “The committee immediately subpoenaed Clinton personally after learning the full extent of her unusual email arrangement with herself, and would have done so earlier if the State Department or Clinton had been forthcoming that State did not maintain custody of her records and only Secretary Clinton herself had her records when Congress first requested them.”

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5 thoughts on “Benghazi Committee: Hillary Clinton Made “False” Claim About Subpoena”

  1. Democrats will blog/spin this into a right wing witch hunt. Hope the committee doggedly asks and insists on ANSWERS from HER!

  2. I don’t believe much of Mrs Clinton’s statements after she told reporters she was shot at by snipers in Bosnia in 2007 and had to duck and run with her head down, to not get hit, when there with daughter, Chelsea, and later admitted, that was all totally not true! She obviously is avoiding the media of late, and I wish she would begin debates with Senator Sanders ASAP, as she seems to be avoiding Sanders as much as possible, as Sanders has been “telling it like it is,” at all the jam-packed mass meetings, like the one held last night in Phoenix that drew about 11,000 people, and has been packing the people in wherever he goes! What is there to “NOT” love about this man, who has been in politics for 53 years? I recently switched from the Republican party after being there for over 54 years, to the Democrat party, only so I can vote for Senator Sanders, as I live in FL and that is one of those States that requires you “must” be a Democrat to make your vote count for Sen Sanders. So I joined the Democrat party for that one reason, as I feel deep down #BERNIESANDERS will beat Mrs Clinton, as in my opinion, I do not feel she has done much to brag about as Secretary of State except “fly over a million miles while Secretary!” When she held back emails in the Benghazi deal, and we lost 4 men, that made up my mind something was not right, and I feel she has a very steep hill to climb now since she has been ordered to appear in a W Palm Beach, FL courtroom by US District Court Judge Donald Middlebrooks for “R.I.C.O.” or “racketeering, with corrupt organizations,” on January 20th, 2016, which is just before the February 1st Iowa caucus and the February 9th New Hampshire primary. This trial is based on the “Clinton Foundation.” Thanks to Ms Attkisson for her stellar reporting, as always! Peace. Peter Goddard, St Petersburg, FL 7/19/15

  3. So, she was subpoenaed in 2015, but deleted her personal emails in 2014. Where are the devils horns for this misrepresentation? Shouldn’t she receive a halo?

  4. Benghazi: Classic Liberal Lie, period. If Obama and Hillary would have come out and claimed national security risk, this wouldn’t be happening. Yes, there would still be unanswered questions, but to LIE out loud, is unacceptable. To think Hillary HUGGED the victims loved ones and the first thing out of her mouth was, “We”ll get those responsible for the Youtube video”, is disgusting at best. She doesn’t deserve to be able to run for a small town mayor, much less the president of this country.

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