Coming this fall: “Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson”

My new Sunday morning program, with a focus on accountability reporting, will debut Oct. 4 on Sinclair Broadcasting’s ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox affiliates nationwide. I’m please to announce the team, including former CBS News executive Batt Humphreys as Executive Producer, and former CBS/NBC investigative producer Kim Skeen as lead investigative producer.

The program will also be live-streamed online.

Read more about the program at this link:

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6 thoughts on “Coming this fall: “Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson””

  1. I have a LOT of respect for you, but your reporting on Trump’s statement is tin-eared. He was obviously being ironic when saying that McCain (whom I dislike) was a war hero. It would be as if someone said about me, “Bob is really good at math. Yeah, he’s GREAT at math.” You could then write a story saying that someone was sincerely praising my math skills. Thanks to your story, Trump is going to drag you down into the mud where he resides. He is tarnishing your reputation now by quoting you in his own defense. But you gave him the ammunition to do that. Anyway, keep up your otherwise excellent work.

    1. I’m going to disagree with you, Robert Evans. Ms Attkisson’s report was not a defense of Trump but an indictment of the main stream media in general and the Washington Post in particular who have repeatedly misquoted Donald Trump on the issue of John McCain.

      She did not suggest that Trump was “sincerely praising” McCain’s war record but rather that the media omitted what he actually said. In doing so they created a false narrative. The point of her article was they did not need to omit anything. Trump’s statements stand on their own. The public is free to draw their own conclusions but they cannot draw correct conclusions without all of the information. This is what I believe Ms. Attkisson was saying.

      And your suggestion that Ms. Attkisson puts her own reputation at risk by reporting the truth is precisely the kind of reasoning that created the type of erroneous report that Ms. Attkisson was so correct to criticize.

      Donald Trump can use Ms. Attkisson’s criticism of the Washington Post in his own defense only because the criticism is accurate.

  2. Big fan of your book. I’d like to know if you are going to make this program in podcast form as well

  3. Thank goodness…. finally someone who might satisfy my desire for a little honest sunshine in journalism. Friday I mailed Stonewalled to friends in Holland, in hopes they will understand what is going on over here. Thank You

  4. @ Robert Evans – I understand your point regarding Trump’s intent, however it is not Ms. Atkisson’s job as a journalist to report on what she believes Donald Trump meant when he gave his comment. Her job is to report, accurately, what he said. It is the viewer’s responsibility to make their own judgements based on the facts. We have, unfortunately, become accustomed to the expectation of “journalists” giving their personal views on a subject rather than reporting the facts. I am glad Ms. Atkisson is actually doing her job correctly in an environment where her breed is becoming more rare every day.

    Ms. Atkisson – Keep up the good work. Keep real journalism alive!

  5. There are so few journalist left with true integrity. You have proven yourself way above the fray and determined to report the facts. I greatly admire you for this.

    I look forward to your new show and will set my DVR so I don’t miss any.

    Thank you!

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