Fast and Furious: Guilty Plea in Brian Terry Murder

[Above image: Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry]

One of the suspects accused in the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry has plead guilty to first degree murder charges. Under the plea deal, Rosario Rafael Burboa-Alvarez will be sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Burboa-Albarez was not at the scene the night of Terry’s murder in Arizona in Dec. of 2010; he was in Mexico– the one who recruited and paid the so-called “rip-crew” of illegal immigrant criminals that opened fire on Terry and other agents.

In 2012, Burboa-Alvarez was found living and working illegally in Phoenix and was arrested.

Terry’s family calls the guilty plea “appropriate” and issued a statement saying, “We are appreciative of the federal prosecutors and FBI investigators that continue to prosecute those involved in Brian’s murder.” They added that Burboa-Alvarez’s arrest in Phoenix, “is an example of the dangerous and violent criminals moving freely across the US-Mexico border.”

Burboa-Alvarez is the second defendant to plead guilty to first degree murder in Terry’s death. Two others have been extradited from Mexico and face trial next month in Tucson. Two more are at large.

The rip-crew, illegal immigrant bandits who come to the U.S. to prey on other illegal immigrants, was armed with guns from the federal government’s Fast and Furious gunwalking operation. In that case, federal agents encouraged and monitored the sale of thousands of assault rifles and other weapons to traffickers for Mexican drug cartels. The guns were not only used in Terry’s murder, but also in hundreds of murders in Mexico. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has refused to provide Congress with details on Fast and Furious guns that have been used to commit violent crimes in the U.S.

The Terry family took the occasion of Burboa-Albarez’s guilty plea to note that “one of the Garland, Texas shooters, Nadir Soofi, bought one of his guns from Lone Wolf Trading Company right under the noses of ATF during the height of Operation Fast and Furious.”

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  1. Just finished reading “Stonewalled.” What a great book… I like your description of “weather porn”… how about “food porn”… “pet porn”… “book porn” and all the other substitutes for real news coverage that we are having to watch today. Keep up the good work. You have unique credibility in what you are doing and saying. -Paul Caprio

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