“Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson” Debuts in 2 Weeks

Starting Sunday mornings Oct. 4 you can see our weekly news program on Sinclair Broadcasting’s ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox stations nationwide (see list below). If you don’t have a Sinclair station in your area, check out our livestream at 9a Eastern Sunday mornings on the web at FullMeasure.news.



In case you missed it, here’s a preview of the sorts of original and investigative stories we’ll be tackling: government accountability, taxpayer waste, whistleblowers, corporate malfeasance, consumer watchdog:

[button link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44vI3hzOsbg”]28 Pages: The Government’s 911 Secrets[/button]


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12 thoughts on ““Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson” Debuts in 2 Weeks”

    1. wondering how you are going be on TV stations that censor what they want us to know. for example how are you going to be able to report on the vaccine issue without big pharma who controls the stations bouncing you off? i am looking forward to seeing your show ! I appreciate your work and your research on your stories.

  1. Sharyl,
    Good luck with full measure! Watched the 28 Pages vid.
    I am in Los Angeles market. Hoping to see your program somehow.
    Will it be available on your website?

    “Stonewalled” was great!
    Bless you for the work you do. Keep it up!

    1. yes please request the program from your stations and meantime watch livestream and replays starting 9:30a Eastern Sunday mornings at FullMeasure.news

  2. Sharyl, I am very hopeful about your show after reading your book, but my trust—along with millions of others’—in the current mainstream and “alternative” news media is nonexistent, so only time will tell if you are truly devoted to the full measure. I guess we’ll know sometime around November 22nd of this year, especially if you have anything to say about JVB.

  3. I LOOK FORWARED TO YOUR PROGAM. i think you will Put OReily in the shade. It is time that we have some hard hitters. Good Luck

  4. Sharyl: Kudos and Keep digging! Dig deep. I sincerely hope you bring new life to fill the void 60 Minutes left when it died several years ago. As you especially already know, main stream media hasn’t published any meaningful investigative journalism in years. I do recall the furor followed by silence a few years back right after all those phony CDC flu-related death statistics suddenly ceased to exist as I recall. Hope the suits will keep their hands off your stories, let you follow your conscience, let you say what you know. Best of luck.

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