Gallup Poll: Half of Americans Say US Govt. Poses Threat

  • 49% call federal government too big and powerful
  • More Americans willing to vote for Catholic, Jew than Muslim for president

A new Gallup poll finds that 49% of Americans believe the government poses “an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens.” That figure is up substantially over the first time Gallup asked the question in 2003.  At that time, less than one third of Americans said the government posed such a threat.

Today, Americans who agree that the government is an immediate threat tend voiced the theme that the federal government is too big and too powerful, and that it has too many laws. According to Gallup, “they also cite nonspecific allegations that the government violates freedoms and civil liberties, and that there is too much government in people’s private lives.”

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In a separate poll, Gallup found fewer Americans would be willing to vote for a Muslim candidate for president than eight other categories including Catholic and woman. When asked if they would vote an otherwise well-qualified candidate also happened to be among one of eleven listed categories, “Catholic,” “woman,” “Black,” “Hispanic” and “Jewish” all received 91% or higher scores. That was followed by “Mormon” 81%, “Gay or Lesbian” 74%, “Evangelical Christian” 73%, “Muslim” 60%, “Atheist” 58%, and “socialist” 47%.

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3 thoughts on “Gallup Poll: Half of Americans Say US Govt. Poses Threat”

  1. If you want to investigate blatant corruption within the Southern District NY that were even referred to Eric Holder; but were referred to the US Dep.of Housing who closed the complaint because the confessed criminal acts were not a violation of the Fair Housing Act; please contact me!!!!

    This concerns convicted Inside Trader James McDermott (KBW CEO), his theft of his Mother’s Trust Funds, and his and his wife’s fraudulent Bankruptcy Filings.
    McDermott’s Bankruptcy Filing legal expenses were paid by Steven Steinman – a former NASDAC Securities Trader who is listed as a $50,000 creditor on the Bankruptcy Filing.

    Even the Westchester County White Collar Unit of the FBI refuse to respond to our requests.

  2. Sharyl Attkisson, just recently began reading your articles , How refreshing when the truth is revealed ,as you have done in what i have read so far lol. As you continue the Benghazi Story and Fast and Furious updates,( notice the Judge in another trial concerning Terry’s death,that no mention of the fast and furious related comments are to be allowed ) just plain wrong (had those weapons hadn’t been allowed to disappear)couldn’t have been there to shoot Our Border guard .
    However I’m sure your following this already better than I ,
    I would like to see this little BIG issue , that has come up in recent years ,usually to close to election to resolve the issue ,and after the election,seems to get swept under the carpet,and that is ..
    Voter fraud,broken malfunctioning machines,illegals voting ,voter ID ,and the fact that the company that manufactures and maintains those machines is involved under George Soros .
    Whoever controls the count ,and the machines that count,and those that allow and support multiple counting(as in current admin. ) How can American Citizens have confidence in the voting process ,first off,and second just as in last two elections, multiple voting omissions,errors,ballots sent pre marked,machines changing votes ,and these are just the ones that were publicized,has already happened .then all went quiet , the fact that this admin. has done things to allow illegal entry,and high probability to increase voter fraud ( Can anything be done to insure the voting process is protected from massive fraud)
    Sure would like to see this topic pursued ,among the other topics when Full Measure launches , which i look forward to seeing . Your among the Paul Reveres’ in todays world.,Thank you for your courage in truth, I pray many will listen,and May God guide your steps. :+)

  3. Danny P. Radcliff

    This stands to reason. Over half the country receives some sort of government funds–so one half of the country sees the government as a benefactor, and the other half sees the government as dangerous.

    I believe it has been the goal of the progressive left for decades to eventually get more than half the country on the dole and this would forever give them all the political power they need to “finish the total transformation.”

    I honestly believe if the progressive left wins the WH again in this cycle, this country will be doomed to enter an continuous downward spiral that inevitably occurs during all “socialist utopias”. The bills always come due eventually.

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