Past Blast: Hillary Clinton Claimed We “Dodged Sniper Fire”

It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly 20 years since I traveled with then-First Lady Hillary Clinton to Bosnia.

The trip in 1996 would later become grist for the political mill when presidential candidate Clinton claimed–in 2008–that we had dodged sniper fire on that trip.

I not only had a different memory, but I still had the video from the event and it clearly showed no snipers. In fact, there were children on the runway in Bosnia to greet Clinton. Sheryl Crow was on the trip with us, as was comedian Sinbad (to entertain the US troops). Sinbad, too, pointed out he didn’t recall sniper fire.

CBS News assigned me to do the story on Clinton’s mistaken memory. When she doubled down the next day, we followed up with a second day story.

Some analysts said it was the final nail in the coffin that caused her to drop out of the race in 2008, clearing the path for Barack Obama to take the nomination for Democrats. Clinton never fully explained whether she knew she wasn’t telling the truth, or whether she actually somehow believed her own concocted story. She simply explained that she’d been overtired.

Clinton doubles down on sniper fire claim


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6 Responses to “Past Blast: Hillary Clinton Claimed We “Dodged Sniper Fire””

  1. Danny P. Radcliff
    October 7, 2015 at 8:20 am #

    The Clintons have by lying their way through life for decades. You could literally fill a book, heck, volumes on lies they have told–and look where they are. One an ex president, the other a First Lady, a Congresswoman, a Secretary of State, and now a presidential candidate. It has certainly worked for them so far. They are as rich and powerful as one can get.

    What I find unfathomable is, liberals just don’t care. The will vote for these people no matter how awful their conduct. They will vote for Charles Manson if you put a (D) after his name on the ballot box.

    They say that running for president is one of the hardest things anyone will ever do. The stress and pressure of the campaign trail is unimaginable–as well it should be. The job of being a U.S. President and leader of the free world is stressful and will put the person under great pressure. Here is the deal though. Stress and pressure don’t build character–it reveals it. So when a candidate reveals their true lack of character on the campaign trail, that should be a clue to the voters to NOT VOTE FOR THEM.

    But, alas liberals don’t care about character they only care about world view.

    • ryno
      October 8, 2015 at 6:47 pm #

      Yes, Democrats get away with lying. But why? I still cant figure out why Democrats dont seem to mind that their politicians do horrible things. Heck, look at Ted Kennedy!
      Sure, Republicans lie too. But you wont find any Republicans getting re-elected after telling blatant, obvious lies (and even sticking with the lies after they are busted!) like Democrats do.
      I think thats why Obama and the Democrats tried “testing the waters” in 2012 when they left all references to religion off the Democrat platform. Democrats dont want to be held accountable. And thats what most religions do, hold you accountable. Sure, you can fake being a religious or spiritual person (like Obama), but most people who follow the religion you profess to will see right through the lies. Democrats like Obama dont want ANYTHING to do with “truth”. They are much more comfortable making up their own version of what the truth is. Even when Democrats like Hillary, Bill, Pelosi, Reed and Obama get caught saying something that makes them look bad or get caught in a lie, they just try to explain to everyone that what they said isnt what they meant. You know, “depends on what the meaning of “is” is”. The truth is an annoyance to Democrats, plain and simple. By eliminating God from their platform, they will no longer be held accountable to anyone but themselves.
      I dont know about you, but asking me to trust a room full of political lawyers is asking way too much. But, Democrats dont seem to mind anymore. That is, as long as its their guy/gal doing the lying. And with most of the media doing the same thing, we are only headed down hill…regardless of their “good intentions”.

  2. sam
    October 8, 2015 at 2:56 pm #

    When you see the Clinton lies, the Obama lies without any honest main stream media reporting you know we are in real trouble. How can the nation survive without a strong media to keep all politicians in check. Hopefully Sharyl Attkisson and “Full Measure” will be the beginning of real reporting and all others will follow.


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