For-Profit College Scams? Full Measure This Week

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Reasons to watch Full Measure this Sunday:

We investigate for-profit colleges that allegedly prey on military troops. Your tax dollars may end up paying for the fraud. The report will feature a soldier left feeling cheated and in debt; and interviews with Sen. Dick Durbin, a whistleblower who worked at one for profit college, and an advocate for the for-profit college industry.

Scott Thuman digs into the failing Obamacare co-ops and tells what it may foreshadow for the entire Obamacare system. Nearly a half million Obamacare co-op customers will soon have to find new health insurance — possibly meaning new doctors and premiums — as the 9th co-op announces it’s going out of business.

Last Sunday on Full Measure, we investigated the problem of illegal immigrants who commit serious crimes on U.S. soil and are released to commit more crimes including rapes and murders.

“Sanctuary for Crime” featured the families of several homicide and murder victims, an interview with Sen. Charles Grassley, an interview with an ICE agent and an interview with an illegal immigration advocate.
The program also featured a report looking at why, after 3 yrs and $60 billion tax dollars, so many Superstorm Sandy victims are still homeless.

The entire half hour can be viewed here:

As always catch on a TV station in your city (see list below) or livestream at 9:30a EST at

Full Measure begins Oct. 4. Watch it on a Sinclair station or livestream at 9:30a Eastern at

Full Measure begins Oct. 4. Watch it on a Sinclair station or livestream at 9:30a Eastern at


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2 Responses to “For-Profit College Scams? Full Measure This Week”

  1. Dean Brittain
    November 8, 2015 at 1:27 pm #

    I have watched every show and congratulations on first class journalism. Keep up the good work, and tell ABC that this is a positive step in unbiased news. Thanks, Dean Brittain

  2. Louise Cutler
    December 28, 2015 at 11:55 am #

    Student loans…how can I get rid of the 89K I owe for PLUS loans for my 2 sons that went to ITT Tech here in Henderson, NV.?

    Can you get me in the right direction so I can tell my story?