Benghazi, taxpayer waste: “Full Measure” this week

4 Reasons to Watch Sunday’s “Full Measure”

1. Benghazi: What we know today that we didn’t know then (from the journalist receiving an investigative Emmy nomination for Benghazi coverage).
2. Lanny Davis provides Hillary Clinton’s viewpoint in advance of her testimony next week.
3. Former House Intel Committee Chairman Republican Pete Hoekstra on missteps in US policy and why Libya dictator Gaddafi became an unlikely US ally in the War on Terror before his death.
4. How the VA spent millions of your tax dollars on art… while vets waited for medical care.

Watch replays and livestream at 9:30a EST Sundays at

Full Measure begins Oct. 4. Watch it on a Sinclair station or livestream at 9:30a Eastern at
Watch Full Measure on a Sinclair station or livestream at 9:30a EST Sun. at


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14 thoughts on “Benghazi, taxpayer waste: “Full Measure” this week”

  1. I have spent almost 2,000 hours studying Benghazi. If you put all the pieces together you will realize why Hillary and the Dems want this investigation to end. It is obvious to me that Hillary knew about and supported the making of the video which became known as “The Innocence of Muslims” from before the “film maker”, Mark Basselly Youssef aka Sam Bacile aka Nakoula Nakoula, was early released from prison in June of 2011, specifically to make this “video” as agitprop for the State Dept. to garner worldwide support for a Hillary pet project, UN Resolution 16/18, The Istanbul Process. Youssef is a well known Justice Dept. informant and would not have made this film by himself for any political or religious reasons. Within a few days of being released from jail by the Justice Dept. he had contacted two B grade Hollywood types, Jimmy Israel (big Obama supporter), and Robert Alan Brownell aka Alan Roberts. Youssef could not have known these two individuals, he would have had to been directed to them by someone with ties to the Justice Dept or State. If you want to figure this out for yourself, here are some clues: Read the statement by Joseph Nassralla, the name of his organization was used without his knowledge or permission for the film permit. Research NewsPoliticsNow, an alleged news organization with no known address, website, employees, etc. that sent the video throughout the Muslim world 7 hours before the Benghazi attack. The avatar associated with NewsPoliticsNow was registered to the Stanley Corp., Arlington, Va. The Stanley Corp holds Obama’s passport records, was given the huge contract for Obamacare websites, and in 2012 had many contracts with the State Dept. and other US Government agencies. Research Wanis Al Sharif, you will find that EVERY news report from immediately after the attack that blames the video uses a quote from Wanis Al Shariff. Wanis was an assistant interior secretary for Libya at the time, based in Benghazi. He was fired right after the attack for “lying to the media”. He has disappeared. Read the indictment of Abu Khattala, it is a joke, factually incorrect and simplistic. If it was as cut and dry as the indictment states, why hasn’t he gone to trial? Research the 80 or so protests about the “video”, you will find they ALL took place AFTER the attack at Benghazi, most of them small and peaceful. Research why well known Egyptian terrorist Nour Eldin was allowed to visit the White House in June of 2012, figure out for yourself why this is important, you will discover that Amb. Stevens was supposed to be kidnapped and traded for the Blind Sheik, Abdul Rahman, the Blind Sheik. Just the tip of the iceberg folks, if the truth ever comes out, you will find that Hillary Clinton and many others in our government committed treason at Benghazi, that is why they are going to extreme lengths to keep things from the public.

  2. Enjoyed Full Measure for the first time while traveling. As retired newspaper publisher I think you are likely the best Investigative Journalist around and have elevated the practice to high science. This as the profession as a whole devolves to pushing Narrative over News.

    My brother was stationed at the Tehran Embassy and got out 2weeks before the hostages were taken. Whether the results in Libya, Eqgyt, Iraq, Afganistan etc results in Obamas soft Califate by premeditation or incompetence remains a big question. Any reporting that figures that out would be a historic gift to the country. Thank You for your work. Dave Bonfield

  3. KEYE in Austin “blanked out” part of your report Sunday right when you were reporting on the decisions by Hiliary and Obama to blame it on the video tape. The programming switched off of your report on to some home repair show for about 5 minutes and then came back to your report during the congressional hearing part of the report.

    Strange timing?

  4. I have seen two different episodes of Full Measure. Loved it. I saw or heard no political leanings except from guests and you didn’t encourage one side or another. It is good to hear on a main stream media station news I can believe and not slanted with omissions or telling in certain “tones” or letting us know their opinions.
    Thanks, great show.

  5. why did you let lanny d say whet he says, have You asked the parents for their opinion or the men who say they went despite being told not to? are You able to call your our shots on this new show or are you censored?

    keep up the good stuff the truth wo9n’t ever come out.

  6. Sharyl,
    Once again I thank you for your work. It’s nice to know that someone out there is trying to report facts and not the propaganda forced down the public’s throat by the Obama Administration. Obama and Hillary Clinton must truly believe the American Public are just a bunch of ignorant, uneducated people who will believe anything they are told by people who consider themselves above all others and above the law.

  7. I live in Golden, Colorado, and have Comcast (Xfinity) cable and I can’t find Full Measure. I would love to watch your program.

    Thank you so much,
    Margot Plummer
    Golden, Colorado

  8. Why is the once accepted theory, that the”video” narrative was promoted in order to negate talk against the White House campaigning for 2012 that terrorism was under control, no longer presented?

    Ms.Attkisson, even though you are a Gator, I believe you are on the short list for one of the greatest journalists this world has known. Your courage and manner are exemplary. May God continue to bless you and yours is my prayer.

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