Illegal Immigration: 3 reasons to watch Full Measure Sunday

The news media is full of stories about deserving illegal immigrants who come to the U.S. and are law-abiding contributors to society. But there’s a flip side to illegal immigration and it’s not well covered in the news media: tens of thousands of illegal immigrants committing serious crimes – including murdering American citizens – on U.S. soil, and then released to commit more. That’s one of the big reasons to watch “Full Measure” this Sunday.

  1. You’ll be shocked to hear how many illegal immigrants commit serious felonies in the U.S. and then go on to commit more crimes, including murder. We have the numbers as well as interviews with victims’ families.
  2. We’ll have the latest troubling news on Obamacare: a top analyst believes it may be going down the tubes.
  3. Why are thousands of families still homeless three years and $60 billion tax dollars after Super Storm Sandy?
Full Measure begins Oct. 4. Watch it on a Sinclair station or livestream at 9:30a Eastern at
Full Measure begins Oct. 4. Watch it on a Sinclair station or livestream at 9:30a Eastern at

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12 thoughts on “Illegal Immigration: 3 reasons to watch Full Measure Sunday”

  1. I do not understand why the left is so adamantly against voter ID laws. I watched Mr. Geraldo rivera defend this on FOXNEWS and it is beyond my scope of comprehension, We need to get all the illegals rounded up. Those with no criminal record be given a chance to apply for legal citizenship. Those who have a criminal record must be deported. This is the only way to start to make things right. But of course this will never happen, it makes far too much sense.

  2. Clarence Stubblefield

    So looking forward to watching “Full Measure” on Fox 17 in Nashville Sun. morning.
    Been a huge fan of Sharyl’s reporting for years. Likely the best in the business for at least
    the last 10-12 yrs+. Illegal Immigration is one of the leading issues for the 2016 elections
    in spite of the phony poles that rank the issues.

  3. Thank you for your commitment to truth… which you have maintained since at least H.S. (read your book… a real feat for me… closed head injury and meds make reading difficult)… will try to view via computer… if archives are available… unwillingly stationed/worked in dc for awhile… aware of how truth & honor are rare commodities… thanks again…

  4. I just finished watching the Full Measure story related to Illegal immigration crime in Sanctuary Cities. What is going on with illegal immigrant crime is outrageous!! This is what happens when laws are not enforced. The laws must be enforced in America or there will be no America. We cannot have an administration (regardless of party) that does not enforce our laws. Remember all politicians swear to uphold the law. They must be held accountable. America must come first. Main stream media (including Univision) should air this report without editing.

    Sharyl that s real reporting, thank you. Please continue your honest reporting.

  5. I knew the problem was bad, but the statistics are worse than I thought. People are being put at risk for the most cynical of reasons: Votes and cheap labor. The politicians, government officials, and business interests who created this mess don’t have to live with the consequences. They can retreat to their clubs and gated communities. We need more of this kind of reporting, and frankly, you need a bigger stage to get the word out.

  6. Amador D. Hinojosa

    Your topic on illegals should not be even discussed any further. All illegals and undocumented individuals need to be deported period. End of story. America needs to stop being so damn passive already.

  7. I just learned of the recent airing of Sheryl’s immigration special yesterday. I along with countless others support these efforts and would like to view it. Please forward info.

  8. Of course we need to protect our borders. But we also have to insist that Mexico take care of it’s own people. After all, we don’t have massive amounts of Americans trying to cross into Mexico, right? So what that says is Mexico, is NOT taking care of Mexican citizens who need help. Instead, their top officials have decided it’s best to let their poorest citizens flock into America, on tax payer dime. This doesn’t sound fair or reasonable or logical. Mexico should be forced to take care of their own citizens and not have them so desperate that they feel they must illegally cross into our country. Don’t blame the illegals. Blame the country that is forcing them to flee. It’s funny that our congress doesn’t go after Mexico, like they do the Middle East. Probably because nobody in congress takes lavish vacations paid by tax payers to places like Mexico. What a scam. And celebrities who choose to vacation in Mexico are morons. They will stand for the rights of an abused animal, but not give a damn that Mexico abuses it’s most poor citizens, and forces them to cross the border. So pathetic.

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