Watch the Debut of “Full Measure”

This week: the impact of refugees and asylum-seekers on an American town in Maine, results of our poll on American attitudes about absorbing refugees from Syria, an interview with Donald Trump (…and he’s humble), and stories of taxpayer waste. If you missed it, no worries–it’s here!

Watch livestream Sunday mornings 9:30a EST at Replays are posted afterward.

Full Measure begins Oct. 4. Watch it on a Sinclair station or livestream at 9:30a Eastern at
Full Measure begins Oct. 4. Watch it on a Sinclair station or livestream at 9:30a Eastern at



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13 thoughts on “Watch the Debut of “Full Measure””

  1. Great show. I hope in subsequent stories on the asylum/refugee/illegal alien situation you can touch on the potential impact on American cities and towns of those ethnic groups who seek refuge but are unwilling to assimilate into American society and culture.

    I expect to be a regular viewer of your new show.

  2. I loved your book. I enjoy seeing you on Fox. I have looked and looked and can’t find your new television show. I probably missed it today.

    Can you please tell where it is and what time. I have AT&T U-Verse 300.

    Thank you so much – Kathy Thomas

    1. if you can’t find us in your area yet, request of your local station and catch us online at which shows the replay and clips. Also livestream each week there at 9:30a EST Sunday mornings…Thank you!

  3. You’re missing ~1.3 million people in the Memphis MSA! Good luck with Full Measure. We need all the unbiased investigative journalism we can get.

  4. You’re off to a very good start Sharyl. I was happy to see different sides of immigration (you covered the good, the bad and the ugly). I was also happy to see that you reported on European concerns and how it isn’t just “conservative” Americans who are concerned (not that it ever was in reality as I am a former Democrat and quite concerned). I liked that you took the time to get trump’s perspective (especially the point about how other Middle Eastern countries in the area have the money and aren’t letting them in). And I liked having the sense while watching that you framed the story objectively. In other words, I didn’t get a strong partisan mainstream media vibe (which is obviously good). I’d like to see ISIS framed a little differently when it makes an appearance (just a reminder that it very well may not be as advertised). I’d also like to see the person editing not leaving remnants of commercials between segments which made it appear sloppily edited. Overall, however, I thought it was a great debut and I look forward to watching again next week.

  5. Wonderful show Sharyl. Complety unbiased fair and balanced a welcome change. has a TV talk show thread that follows many of the Sunday shows every week and has for over ten years. We will now be following your show as well.It is as good as broadcast TV gets. Keep up the great work and you can’t make it an hour long too soon.

  6. Sharyl,

    Great in-depth news!!! You should advertise on Fox News Network.

    Wish I could get your show here in the S. Calif. market.

  7. Sharyl

    liked your book and attitude but was underwhelmed by your first show; did you really waste time asking Trump how he would decorate? where is the data on the alleged $500 billion of funny money? asylum story was strongest piece but John Oliver (and I don’t always agree with his point of view) makes you look like a lightweight, not at all what I expected

    disappointed to be disappointed

  8. Our programming comes out of Los Angeles and I was surprised this area wasn’t listed in the list.
    I’m hoping to be able to view your show when it airs, but will try to find another venue until L.A. catches up with the rest of the world.
    Very pleased you have a new show and truly hope it thrives. You are an excellent, well connected, investigative journalist and I’ve followed you for decades. Much success with this effort.

  9. In your first story of your debut, your handlers misspelled “losed” for “loosed” in the written translation. This looks supremely ignorant, and greatly diminishes your journalistic integrity – which, to this date, is the greatest reason I follow you. Don’t fall to the idiots editing your pieces, you have to be much more careful. They’ll ruin you if you’re not. There is a serious war afoot here and your neutral journalism is vital, just as is your spelling!

    I would have liked much less editing in general on Trump’s piece as well. What a waste of a good interview – he’s best unfiltered. I thought you would have had much better questions for him, and part of me thinks you did, but cut them out. You cut every ten seconds. Other than that, your first story was excellent, but overall unfortunately you failed miserably to gain appropriate trust from me, and those desperate to find a new news outlet we want to follow. Opportunity totally lost for the moment, and it was there in full swing beforehand. Try again much harder.

  10. Sharyl – great 1st program, can’t wait to see the 2nd (we were away so I TiVo’d it). Thought your reporting has always been objective and neutral, going as far back as the 1st Gulf War when I watched you daily (I was “between jobs” at the time). Please continue to objectively present / report well-researched issues / topics that other MSM are not.

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