4 Reasons to Watch the Next Edition of “Full Measure”

Watch @FullMeasure the Sunday after Thanksgiving for an encore presentation of #28Pages: long-kept government secrets 14 years after 9/11…Why? Also, @ChrisPabst will have an incredible story that proves “Vote Early, Vote Often,” isn’t always just a joke. Another bad omen for Obamacare: analyst Robert Laszewski will explain. And we’ll have an amazing story of Altered Images: news photographs that were faked to fool readers and viewers. We’ll expose them.

Here’s what we had on the Nov. 22 edition of Full Measure:

We were so optimistic about the Arab Spring democratic uprisings. How did it become Terrorist Winter? I don’t think you’ll find a better, concise explanation: Scott Thuman reports from Beirut and Paris.

Terrorists know “we’ve got an unlocked door and a welcome mat” on Southern Border, says analyst Jim Hanson.

We may be in deep debt and running a deficit, but Sen. Rand Paul discovered there’s always enough tax money to pay for foreign kids to go to U.S. space camp.

Can’t take the Presidential candidates in large doses? All you need is this week’s Campaign Incredible summary. A small bite.

Here’s our full program from Sunday Nov. 22 https://fullmeasure.news/news/shows/full-measure-november-22-2015

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3 thoughts on “4 Reasons to Watch the Next Edition of “Full Measure””

  1. Thank you Sharyl for attempting to uncover some of the lies, missleading news items and propaganda techniques we are subjected to by the msm 24-7. I just watched your tedx talk and i think you are correct in your analysis of astro turfing. Not only correct, but very articulate in making your points. You obviously have an extraordinary skill in sensing the ring of truth. As such, you have a different perception than most. Having similar interests and abilities as you, i have identified some very troubling things that can only be rationalized such as you have outlined in tedx talk. Mainly we, meaning the people of the US, are being manipulated on a scale that is difficult to imagine for most. Money, greed, power and evil have been co-opted by a well coordinated group. This group, via it’s many supporting subgroups, has such extraordinary abilities that they actually engineered the events of 911. And were then able to coerce most people into accepting an entirely fictitious “official” story by astro turfing almost every available spot of earth that truth sprouted from. Those that were not astro turfed were ignored. This incessant extinguishing of truth and resulting false concensus, coupled with the fear of being marginalized or worse by our peers and state, has most going along to get along with the hive mind concensus constructed on a foundation of lies.
    I focused on the 911 issue here because i believe it is the key to unlocking the many other vexing contradictions and illogical conclusions that the msm repeats. If we don’t bring this to light soon, this world will descend further into the darkness.

    For all those reading, don’t loose hope. As strongly as i feel that the Trust between our institutions and ourselves has been egregiously breached and violated, i have not lost my conviction that we will one day put our house in order as it was intended in 1776. Ephesians 6:11-15.

    I hope more people open their eyes and ears to the truth and put their faith in God and try to teach others what we have learned so that there will be less suffering in the world.

    ken in nc

  2. Ms. Attkisson: Please consider doing a show re: Bob Segall’s (Journalist w/WTHR TV) investigative report on the IRS & Soc Sec. Admin. turning a blind eye to illegal immigrant’s theft and use of SS#’s. Thanks -J.Dunn -Gig Harbor, WA.

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