4 Reasons to Watch This Week’s Full Measure

1. We continue our focus on Islamic extremist terrorism and its post-Arab Spring march to the West. Scott Thuman has a chilling report from Europe’s “Jihad Central”: home to radical Muslims who launched the Paris terror attacks and others.

2. At this week’s climate change summit in Paris, President Obama claimed he’d met his green energy goals “a lot quicker” than expected. Well–not all of them, it turns out. Find out what happened after billions of your tax dollars were spent on the plan to jumpstart a market for electric vehicles.

3. Why was $150 million of your tax dollars spent to house a handful U.S. government employees at luxury villas in Afghanistan? We’ll Follow the Money.

4. Our Campaign Incredible– and political Ugly Christmas Sweaters.

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Watch it on a Sinclair station or replays and livestream at 9:30a EST Sundays at FullMeasure.news
Watch Full Measure on a Sinclair station or livestream and replays at 9:30a Eastern at FullMeasure.news



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8 thoughts on “4 Reasons to Watch This Week’s Full Measure”

  1. Dear Mrs. Attkisson,

    Would “Full Measure” be interested in covering the subject
    with regards to the Mass Vaccinations in the United States and the
    personal life long Injuries that have been Medically documented ?

    The U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry spent
    $ 24 Billion last year on direct to consumer ad’s and to the major
    television networks who count on this income so it is a tight rope
    to walk when reporting on this.

    I am gathering experts who are willing to stick their necks out
    to address H.H.S.

    I await the H.H.S reply for formal hearing on this matter.

    If you feel that this area has been covered with and no tangible
    news worthiness we (I) will understand.

    Best Regards,

    Russ Weinstein
    Leesburg ,VA.

    Environmental Health and Safety Major

    VDH-MRC Member and Volunteer

    Wounded Warrior Peer Councilor , Volunteer

  2. Do you have any information on the use of aborted fetal cells in the manufacturing of childhood vaccines? Do you know about the research done by Dr. Theresa Deisher?

  3. I’d be more than willing, heck I’d relish the idea of watching your show if you’d take on Obama’s claim to be a Christian.

    Maybe you could look into the claims of some who say the Rev Wright claims he never quite got Obama to renounce his Muslim upbringing and actually accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

    Maybe you could look into exactly why Obama can’t bring himself to use the terms Radical Islam, or Islamic Terrorists.

    Maybe you could look into why Obama is the only person who refers to ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria” as ISIL–Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. It may be just one little letter but the distinction is huge, and I believe quite telling.

    The Levant is comprised of the following political entities: the west part of Syria, Lebanon, west part of Jordan, Palestine (West Bank and Gaza Strip), Israel and Sinai (Egypt). That clearly isn’t the area controlled by the IS now, so why call them that? How can he, on one had call them “JV” and “contained” yet essentially prophesize their expansion into a full blown caliphate to include ISRAEL.

    Answering some of these questions might help everyone fully understand this Administration’s handling of events in the Middle East, Muslim immigration, and our so-called War on Terror.

    You see, the only thing that makes all the bungling and the “head scratching” decisions over the past 7 years make any sense at all is–HE’S A MUSLIM. Check into the percentage of Muslims being brought into the country that are Sunni vs Shiite. I believe the percentage is 98%. Why does this matter, you might ask? Well, they (the refugees) claim to be fleeing Syria because of persecution by ISIS. Really? ISIS is Sunni. The only people really being persecuted by ISIS are Shite and Christians. No Christians are being transported to this country. By the way–Obama’s Muslim upbringing was Sunni–food for thought.

  4. After reading “Stonewalled” several weeks ago I had started to write you a letter commending you for your courage. I held up on it after talking to my daughter, whose friend Mi———- is a neighbor of yours. She (my daughter) and I decided not to encourage you to continue risking your life (which I am convinced you are doing and have been doing). But now because I am chasing down the 8-9 Dec 2015 Kandahar attack story (which is not being “covered” by U.S. media (to date), I came across your web page here. This convinces me you remain as heroic as I think you are, and I am someone who knows more than the average bloke about what journalists should be doing but are not doing. You are an exception. I will now begin visiting this page with frequency. Thanks for what you are doing! (my daughter and her friend live near Gum Springs and Braddock. )

  5. Separate topic, but one I’m certain you’re well aware of – – – Bengazi —- I just wish to share this:

    If you have read 13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened In Benghazi Hardcover – September 9, 2014 by Mitchell Zuckoff

    You might have noticed, as I did, that (aside from what Hillary and her staff did after the fact) the actual reason the annex security men did not soon enough respond (though they were fully ready) was this piece of total and foolhardy “guidance.” They were told by State Dept staff that night that they could not authorize the response because the facility was a covert location and to respond (to the ambassador’s location) would result in loss of secrecy of that location. This despite that the fact that the annex was leased from a local civilian, renovated and updated by local contractors, observed by local residents, and staffed by Americans who stood out like saguaro cactus in a Japanese tea garden. So to “keep covert” that location was the rationale offered for withholding the response that might have saved the ambassador’s life.

    Great! Brilliant!

    Add this to your Bengazi file.


  6. I would like to watch your program but can’t seem to find where or when to watch. I have done a DirectTV search with no luck. I have been to your wiki site and the Sinclair site with no luck. Please help


    1. If you can’t find a station in your area, until we come there please watch replays and segments any time at FulLMeasure.news and watch live if you like Sundays at FullMeasure.news 9:30a EST Thank you

  7. Just a nit pick; the automobile industry didn’t turn Detroit into Motown – it turned it into “Motor City” in the 1930’s. Motown is a record company that Berry Gordy Jr. founded in Detroit as an amalgamation of Motor (City) and Town. It became a nickname for Detroit, not as a result of Motown’s success in the record industry, but around the same time as a sort of second nickname – although it would be correct to say that when Motown succeeded, the name also became more synonymous with Detroit – but not when you are showing pictures of automotive factories and their workers. I enjoy the show, and (obviously) listen to what you are saying. The show is mature and professional in its handling of topics so far. Good work.

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