Breaking Bad at a Federal Agency (and other reasons to watch Full Measure)

3 reasons to watch this week’s Full Measure

  1. Breaking Bad at a federal agency: we’ll dig into the discovery of a meth lab at the National Institute of Standards and Technology–and wait until you hear who was running it!
  2. The Obamacare Cadillac Tax on many health insurance plans offered through work is coming–and almost nobody is happy about it. We’ll tell you why many Democrats and Republicans are trying to stop it.
  3. And the bizarre conversation at a Congressional hearing over the U.S. embassy being built in London.
Full Measure begins Oct. 4. Watch it on a Sinclair station or livestream at 9:30a Eastern at
Watch it on a Sinclair station or livestream at 9:30a EST Sundays at

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2 thoughts on “Breaking Bad at a Federal Agency (and other reasons to watch Full Measure)”

  1. Dear Ms. Attkisson, I have never written to any news show before because, quite frankly, I hate them!!!
    Yours is different!
    The information that is revealed to the American Public through your program makes my jaw drop every time I watch.
    Government waste is something we all take for granted but your investigative reporting brings it out in the open, unlike the other so-called “news programs”.
    Please keep up the great work and I will continue to watch…even though it makes me sick to my stomach.
    Have a Merry Christmas & Great New Year…Rob

  2. OMG. Did you see the Washington Post article: “The quiet impact of Obama’s Christian faith
    Why the president’s convictions led him to believe he could unite a divided country — and why he failed”?

    He spent 20 years in a so-called church hearing about how terrible (god Damn) America is and how bad white people are from his “spiritual guide” the Rev Wright (whom he later threw under the political expediency bus). He plays hundreds of rounds of golf, but you can count the number of morning’s he’s spent in a church on one hand. Obama’s list of spiritual guides while in the White House (Jim Wallis,Joshua DuBois) reads like the who’s who of socialist, Marxist, social justice activists. Yet we are to believe he is a devout Christian, a man of faith?

    The President really wonders why he failed to unite a divided country???? I sincerely doubt that. Name one time he has made remarks that were anything but divisive when uniting words were called for. No, he has never been interested in uniting the country–just the opposite.

    You see, once you get your head around the fact that Obama is not a failure. Once you understand he has met or exceeded his wildest expectations. Once you realize that all the things normal Americans would call a failure are to him huge successes–you can then begin to understand why he does what he does and says what he says, and you can also begin to see through the constant lies.

    In the mentioned article, Obama says of the women in Charleston who forgave the man who shot their loved ones, “this epitomizes what is good about Christianity.” What exactly does he think is the bad part of Christianity? You’ll never hear him make a comment like that about Islam. Islam is a religion of love and peace–pay no attention to the constant and repeated calls for Jihad, and the killing of the infidels, and the subjugation of all other religions, women, and gays.

    Obama may not be a practicing Muslim. As a 21st century progressive, he’s more likely an agnostic, but clearly due to his Shiite upbringing, he favors Islam above all else. His professing to be a Christian is about as real as his black street creds he got on the mean-streets of Chicago.

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