“Full Measure” YouTube Channel–Back

UPDATE: Google indicates our @YouTube @FullMeasure channel was taken down in error and has now restored it.

UPDATE: As of midday Dec. 15, the Full Measure YouTube Channel is back up.

If you’ve tried to watch our news segments on YouTube lately, you’ve found the site has pulled down the Full Measure channel. No worries, you can still view everything at FullMeasure.News and our weekly program Sunday morning on TV stations nationwide (as well as the livestream). Our goal is to provide information that others may not want you to see. UPDATE: @FullMeasureNews hopes our @YouTube channel was pulled simply for technical issues & will be back soon. Updates when we know more.


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5 thoughts on ““Full Measure” YouTube Channel–Back”

  1. Taken down in error after initially being reviewed by something other than a algorithm? At least, it’s up now. Very good that they’ve corrected themselves. I suspect foul play by a small group of Leftist activists complaining en masse. It’s happened before to others. Good luck! Love your show & your balanced opinions on everything.

  2. “In error,” huh? Funny how often these “errors” occur to those who post anything that opposes or exposes this corrupt administration.

  3. Glad to have you back.

    Maybe you can look into this whole Rubio/Cruz classified info thing.

    Rubio accused Cruz of releasing classified info during the debate.

    1st, Cruz is not a member of the committee that got the classified briefing–Rubio is.

    2nd, anyone who is cleared for classified information knows, or should know, that when you see that information released to the public (which happens all the time), you are required to NOT CONFIRM or DENY the information. Rubio violated the rules by announcing the information was classified on the national stage.

    Maybe Cruz has a clearance and was given access to the information–I don’t know. If he did, he should be called to task on it. But, Rubio’s announcement was a clear violation and he should be made to answer for it as well.

    But, how is it we are willing to hold Republicans feet to the fire on their handling of classified information when Clinton is still walking around with a clearance? She should be in jail.

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