Benghazi: Rescue Interrupted

Sunday on Full Measure, don’t miss our exclusive report on Benghazi: Rescue Interrupted. It’s the rescue that didn’t happen the night of the Islamic extremist attacks on the U.S. compounds in Benghazi, Libya on Sept. 11, 2012. We have new information on actions the Obama administration chose not to take. This, on the eve of the release of a new film, 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, that portrays the story of six CIA officers who say they were prevented from going to the immediate rescue of the Americans under attack a mile away.

Also Sunday, as the President takes action on gun control, we’ll look at the difference between executive “actions” and executive “orders” and how much teeth they have.

Also, a look at Presidential debates… a bit of the history and their influence and then we’ll examine the numbers: from ratings to how much money the networks are making from them.

Last week, we reported on $600 million wasted U.S. tax dollars on an Afghan Air Force that didn’t fly, how the refugee crisis could tear apart the European Union, and the problem of horse rescue charities that abuse the animals.

Watch Full Measure Sundays on a Sinclair station or livestream at 9:30a EST at
Watch Full Measure Sundays on a Sinclair station or livestream at 9:30a EST at


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8 thoughts on “Benghazi: Rescue Interrupted”

  1. You seem to be unaware that Benghazi was a hit on Ambassador Stevens because he threatened to expose Hillary’s transfer of weapons from Al Qaeda in Lybia to ISIS in Syria.

    Do like I did and interview some residents of that neighborhood who watched the attack from their windows that night. They will tell you about the car-loads of “white men” let through the street barricades immediately before the attack commenced.

  2. Sharyl,

    Please keep up the good work. Read “Stonewalled.” Thoroughly enjoyed it. Still can’t get your show here in Tucson. Please try to get on FoxNews or other media to tell what you know about Benghazi and the misbehavior by our government.

  3. Please air – Benghazi : Rescue Interrupted or provide a link for the broadcast. After I watched, I passed along commentary to friends and a lot of people want to see this. This needs to be a prime time special !!!!! Powerful work !!!

  4. I just started watching your program last week and wanted let you know that its the best news program on tv to get the truth about events that our government would not like us to know. THANK YOU JIM –also is there a place i can buy a dvd of your show on BENGHAZI if so please let me know ?

  5. I know for certain that there was a particular, famous, Arleigh-Burke class guided missile destroyer in the Med that night with a Sikorsky Seahawk (Navy equivalent of a Blackhawk chopper) on board about 2+ hours out.

    It is total BS and a blatant lie that we “had no deployable assets in the region. The Seahawk–a gunship and attack platform’s support would most likely have provided the necessary firepower to rescue our Ambassador and troops in Benghazi.

    To not deploy an asset is the same thing as letting them die.

  6. I can not believe that six brave wonderful people were LEFT to die because a person in the highest position did not want his statement or comment to the American people to appear unjust! I find it very hard to be nice when we all know that people are EXECUTED and rightly so, for killing only ONE person!

  7. Dear Sharyl,
    Thanks again for what you do. As a Veteran, and son of a Veteran. It is disgusting to watch the spin on Benghazi. It makes me sick in my stomach to think that Americans were treated like ponds, not even ponds, but checker pieces by Obama’s Administration. Lies, lies, and more lies. How pathetic. By the way. If you’re listening Obama Administration? It’s going to be a pleasure to watch justice knock on your front door. Thanks again Sharyl.

  8. I record all your “full measure” series and have read “stonewalled” I greatly appreciate the
    information you provide and look forward to future successful endeavors.

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