Costly Obamacare

The increasing unaffordability of Affordable Health Care

New evidence that forcing people to buy health insurance doesn’t mean they will get health care. In fact, sometimes, the result is the opposite.

Millions of Americans gained health insurance under Obamacare. But for millions more, their insurance costs much more and covers less. Preventive services may not be covered, after all, depending on the doctor you see. That free birth control? Not so fast…you pay full price if your prescription isn’t one the insurance company approves, even if your doctor certifies it’s a medically necessary formulation. Covered services? First, you have to meet a hefty deductible.


The result, for millions, is they have to pay the rising cost of their premiums and the rising deductibles before their health care is covered in any meaningful way. It can easily mean that families spend tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket before getting a significant benefit. For many, that’s unaffordable health care. It’s causing an untold number to avoid getting medical care.

Some, like transport driver Janet Hill, say they can no longer afford health insurance under Obamacare. They’re going without insurance and going without health care. Watch our story on the premium and deductible increases nationwide.

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This coming Sunday on Full Measure, I’ll be traveling but Scott Thuman fills in with his fascinating investigation into the so-called “rape game” played by refugees in Cologne, Germany. You won’t see this story anywhere else.

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Watch Full Measure Sundays on a Sinclair station or livestream at 9:30a EST at


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6 thoughts on “Costly Obamacare”

  1. Thank you for this story. I was scammed by Obama! A tv commercial came on about affordable health care so I called. I believed it was legit because it mentioned Obama and it was a television commercial; it was a quote company. I got a quote for $78.00 and a enrollment fee of $125.00 I put it on my credit card. I grabbed it because all the other’s was just like you said, $400.00 – $500.00/month premiums with large deductibles. The carrier was Principle Advantage. I waited three weeks for my card and policy; it never showed. I called them and no answer. When I googled the company there was no such company. There was blogs about Principle Advantage saying they were a fraud. Can you research to see if you can find anything about this company? I think this is the end result of Obama’s commercial where he mentions one can get premium’s for $70.00 but it’s bogus! The quote company is but my carrier is bogus. Thank you for your help and keep keeping U.S. informed!

  2. In 2009, my husband’s insurer was going to take our insurance plan from approx $400 a month for 2 of us to over $1,200/month. Being a veteran, my husband could actually be covered by his VA benefits. So, we dropped our “family policy for 2″………his health care was mostly covered by the VA and I obtained a health insurance policy through Humana Insurance for approx $143/month. Since 2009, my insurance policy prem has continually increased each year. In 2015, my prem was running $293/month. In Nov or Dec 2015, I was notified that Humana could no longer afford to sell the plan I was under, the “grandfathering” time period had expired and they would not be continuing my type of policy. I could however, sign up for a new policy with Humana. The new policy would have a prem of $700.43/month with a $8,500 deductable.
    During 2015, I paid approx $3,500 in insurance prem…..I received a $20 flu shot for free, and I received a $29 reduction on the one doctor visit I had during the year. SO, we have decided to not obtain a new insurance policy simply because the math does not work……..$49 worth of medical insurance benefit for a $3,500 yearly prem. I just turned 58, and for the vast majority of my adult life, I have had insurance coverage with I have used very rarely because I have been in good health. For 2016, I will likely pay a $695 penalty for not helping support the Obama Care Insurance……………..I’ve decided that I would prefer to hold onto $2,805,. pay the $695 (unjust) penalty and pay for my own $20 flu shot….I will certainly come out ahead. And, if I need serious medical care…then I intend to go to my local emergency room and ask for indigent care……I am after all paying for that with my tax dollars.

    Also – my one doctor visit in 2015…………had the price “jacked up” because I had insurance. As the doctor told his billing staff…….”since I had not seen him in the past 2 yrs, he “could” bill me as a “NEW PATIENT” – as it was “allowed”” “Allowed by whom???? Insurance companies are being billed for bogus charges, like “new patient visits” and procedures that were not done….because the insurance company will pay them – if they are “allowed”. My quick Doc appt. was billed as a 45-min visit with the physician wherein he preformed a procedure on my arm. The only “procedure” was for him to use a small “reflex” hammer on my elbow to see how my reflexes were. My charge was not the normal office visit charge of $150 to $180, but a staggering $254. No procedure and I was NOT a new patient. Thank you Obama care!

    This insanity has to stop! We are now seeing the “able to pay” becoming the unable to pay………..and the now “unable to pay” are still paying for the poor who now have insurance….while we no longer have insurance. Somehow those of us in the middle class have gotten screwed over yet again. Thank you Obama!

  3. Sharyl, received your book today. Already into the first fifty pages, wonderful prose. Your comments regarding how the press has become the tool of politicians, is so true and has historical legs. Herbert Hoover required of the press questions submitted two weeks before his press conference. FDR did away with that nonsense and simply invited the press and flung open the doors to his office and took questions. My how you must long for a return to that era. Tim Gibson

  4. Health act is a joke! My Son is a senior at FSU completing his computer science degree. He is 23 years old. He does not drink, smoke, do drugs or whore around. Total geek. He cannot work and keep up with the rigorous demand of this degree. His GPA is 3.5. He is taking Calculus 3 this semester as an elective! Crazy. He does not even need this course to graduate. His health insurance payment is over $200 a month. Barring an unfortunate accident or disease (not a car accident, because that is already covered) I figure he will never need this insurance until he is about 60 plus years old. 200 (and we know that will go up, it already has) x 12 x 37 = $88,880! Without interest! You now dam well Big Gov is using this money to make money!

  5. As a History professor at Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada I am increasingly faced with challenge of getting my students to think critically in a rather dumbed down world. Thank you over and over for all you do. Your website brings such a wealth of thoughtful information to us. I am bewildered by the fact the media is ignoring Hillary’s serious transgressions vis a vis national security. I am grateful for your postings on health and vaccines. I have a rather seriously incapacitated left arm due to flu shot a year ago. My doctor, who all but demanded it of me, is now sending me off to a nerve specialist. I have been on statins since a heart attack in 2010 but my wife who has been seriously researching these things has been slowly convincing me of the dangers and turning me to healthy alternatives. As for the media, your critical remarks over the last few years are just so accurate. The dangers we face are related to heavy concentration of media ownership which leads to influence and abuse. Neil Macdonald has a good article in today’s CBC online news here in Canada on the malaise:

    As does this chilling reflection that appeared in another Canadian publication, The Walrus:

    Thank you again for all you do and for the time and effort you put into giving us ‘the other side of the story’.

  6. Lie after lie after lie. When will the people of this country wake up and take back our country? How many more lies and how much more deceit will we endure as citizens before we say enough is enough? It’s truly sad when the president openly and knowingly LIES to the American Public and has no problem doing it. Pathetic mister Obama, pathetic!

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