Human experiments without proper consent?

(Above image: one of the infants enrolled in the federally-backed SUPPORT study)

This week on Full Measure, questions about modern informed consent: the tragic story of the federally-funded SUPPORT study that enrolled premature babies nationwide. Parents were never told about possible blindness and death. The government’s own ethics body found the consent forms failed to disclose those serious risks. Some babies died as a result of the study. But the researchers say they had no way to know those risks ahead of time, and claim the overall group of babies was better off in the study.

Also on Sunday’s program: we’ll look at fundraising totals for the top candidates and where their biggest “outside” money is coming from. There’s also a humorous look at the people who may be enjoying this campaign season more than any other: political cartoonists.


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2 thoughts on “Human experiments without proper consent?”

  1. The researchers said….this overall group of babies were better off in the study. So, the smart people should decide for the dumb people whether THEIR baby should be in this research study. How very kind……and how very Marxist of them. I hope they sue their butts off. Those excuses are not acceptable. I’ve been a nurse for 30 years. I am beginning to have major concerns over the amount of power healthcare institutions and some physicians are being granted. Justina Pelletier’s case for example. We are loosing Freedom’s fast and 80% of us are clueless or voluntarily surrendering them. Watched an old interview with Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov that was chilling. He described the Russian plan to overtake the US…which my mother had taught me about back in 1972. He described the 4 stages..1) demoralization-check…2) destabilization-almost complete…3) Crisis-coming soon (compliments of a true believer-BO) 4) Transformation….

  2. I read your story about gardasil a few years ago and thought you might be interested in what I have come upon after being a patient at MD Anderson.

    Shortly after I had a stem cell transplant, the PR department at MD asked me to write blogs for their cancerwise blog, which I did. I wrote many blogs and they were all published.

    My blogs quit being accepted after I started commenting on their promotion of gardasil on their Facebook page in a negative manner.

    I’m convinced that there is a direct link to the dollars they receive from Merck and their promotion of this vaccine.

    Before I spoke out against gardasil, the MD PR people could not get enough of my writing and befriended me even asking me to do a photo shoot and a video. Afterward, I became persona non grata.

    I have names of the folks who first accepted and then rejected my work.

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