The amazing, reappearing Benghazi documents

It only took 3-1/2 years but the State Department has turned over new, previously undisclosed documents to the House Benghazi Committee. No word as to what’s contained in them. According to a committee spokesman, the documents come from the office of the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. In a court filing, the State Department reportedly said it only recently discovered the documents.

Benghazi “document-sifting” sounds familiar to career public servant

The Clintons have been involved in numerous missing document scandals over the decades. A former State Department official under Hillary Clinton says he witnessed a “document sorting” session being conducted in the basement of the State Department after the Benghazi investigations began. Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Raymond Maxwell says two top Clinton aides, Cheryl Mills and Jake Sullivan, checked in on the session while he was present. The document sorting went on for several weekends, according to Maxwell, and its purpose was to separate documents that could prove “embarrassing” to the secretary. After Maxwell revealed what he says he saw firsthand, he was never contacted by any law enforcement body or Inspector General to investigate.

Former Clinton Deputy Asst. Secretary of State says he witnessed Benghazi document-sorting session
Former Clinton Deputy Asst. Secretary of State Raymond Maxwell says he witnessed Benghazi document-sorting session

Did Clinton aides withhold damaging Benghazi documents?

The House Benghazi Committee today tweeted out the update about the newly-provided documents and stated that there are still outstanding records requests that the administration has not fulfilled after almost one year.

Note: The State Department still hasn’t notified me that it’s found these, or any other, documents responsive to Freedom of Information FOI requests I filed years ago. The law requires disclosure of the material upon request. But who enforces FOI law? The government. So what happens when the government is, itself, the violator?

Benghazi Committee Tweets

#BREAKING: Today the State Dept turned over more than 1,600 pages of new documents related to former Secretary Clinton and Libya. #Benghazi

Benghazi Committee ‏@HouseBenghazi
The State Dept claimed in a January 8th court filing that it only recently discovered these new documents from the Office of the Secretary.

Benghazi Committee ‏@HouseBenghazi
The administration still has not turned over records this committee requested nearly a year ago. #Benghazi

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6 thoughts on “The amazing, reappearing Benghazi documents”

  1. Okay, so after years and years of searching and saying the documents don’t exist someone at the State Department has only recently discovered 1,600 pages. 1,600 pages after years and years of denying they exists?! Give me a break. I hate being lied to.

  2. Sharyl, I support and help spread your work. You need to get rid of this pic of Hillary. or use a much smaller one) It takes away from the article and it’s poor marketing as well.

  3. Sharyl, have you ever asked for a hardcopy of the Presidential “cross border authority” order for the night of Benghazi? I suspect no order was given, that night, which would explain all the “standing down” that happened. Have NEVER heard of ONE PRINCIPLE, from that night being asked, “did obama give the ‘cross border authority ‘ order, that night?” All I’ve heard are the principles being asked, “did anyone give you a ‘stand down’ order?” They say “no”. It’s a semantic game. With no “cross border authority” order, all the military COULD DO was to stand down, without actually being told to….and they did. They moved as close as they could without actually crossing the border and eventually waited for the “cross border authority” order that never came. THAT is the key to the rescue (that never came), that night. It’s a good probability that NO ONE wants to give that information voluntarily because it DIRECTLY implicates obama.
    Only the President can give that order and the theater commanders should have received a hardcopy of it….if it was given.

  4. Thank you for being the type of reporter that you are. I have been following your career since fast and furious situation, and have put you at the top of my list of un biased reporting in America today. I will be watching. Great journalism is alive and well, but justice is not, especially under the last 2 attorney generals and this president. thank you . I guess sooner or later you’ve got to trust someone, and that’s you

  5. This comment is not about Benghazi. I have not been able to get sharyl’s correct e-mail so am using this as a way of communicating with her. I have been reading quite a few articles and watching videos about Haiti. there has been significant corruption on the part of the us and other countries vying for the more than 10 billion in ngo contracts. in all of these articles’ bill and Hillary Clintons names come up and not in a positive way . I was hoping that sharyl would do a show on what we know to date. some of the articles are, ” can Haiti’s corrupt president hold on to power” by james north ( 10 -29-2015 ) and ” the evolution of disaster capitalism ” by Ezili Danto ” . ” Hillary Clintons scandalous conduct in Haiti ” by William Enghdal. another article about Hillary concerning Honduras is ” Before her murder’ berta ca’ceres singled out Hillary Clinton for criticism ” by greg grandin ( 3-10-16 ). There is also a video about Haiti and Louisiana disasters that should come up when you look up ” The evolution of disaster capitalism ” . It is extremely informative. The msm is in the tank for the democratic candidate mostly Clinton. The msm media is ignoring what is going on in Haiti. the articles are on the web, but most people do not read. Your video show is wonderful and fully accessible so I thought you could be of great service to the Haitians Hondurans etc. with the way you present subjects, very informative and professional, I know you are extremely busy. I AM SICK at the thought of the Clintons getting back in the white house. Everything I read tells me they are corrupt. Obama has had his part in Haiti also; these authurs have pointed out. K eep up your wonderful and necessary work; im watching everyday and recommending you to everyone I come into contact with. pete d.

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