Who controls our southern border? Us or them?

Multiple law enforcement officials have told me that the U.S. is no longer calling the shots on our southern border between Arizona and Mexico. They say Mexico’s drug cartels decide who crosses.

Sunday on Full Measure, we travel to the border to show you America’s erratic approach to border control. In regions heavily trafficked by the drug cartels, the border fence is more marker than barrier. In some places, it’s nonexistent. We’ll show you startling surveillance video of smugglers easily navigating the border fence and marching freely through the U.S. desert, carrying backpacks filled with marijuana, heroin, opium and meth. The drugs then move to places like Kansas City, Chicago, Detroit and New York City.

You asked for it: factual reporting on the border. You’ll find our first of several reports this Sunday.



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Watch Full Measure Sundays on a Sinclair station or livestream at 9:30a EST at FullMeasure.news
Watch Full Measure Sundays on a Sinclair station or livestream at 9:30a EST at FullMeasure.news


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7 thoughts on “Who controls our southern border? Us or them?”

  1. I have served as a uniformed border patrol agent on both the southern & northern borders, plus I was a special agent for many more years working organized alien smuggling organizations.

    Right now I can tell you we have lost a significant amount of border control. This is made evident by the amount of heroin epidemics in many U.S. states. This is all Mexican brown heroin, which is being smuggled across our southern land border.

    I have also served both as a special agent assigned to the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF), and as a supervisor. This heroin is being distributed by Mexican cartel operatives.

    I have photographs of mountain outposts in Arizona, where illegal alien Mexicans were observing USBP ground operations and using radios to direct the drug mules around agents.

  2. George W Bush, insulted millions of Americans when he called the Minutemen, Vigilantes. It was for me that I personally washed my hands with the rep. establishment and got out. Became an independent. Don’t want my name on their stinking mail outs, emails never again. Bush’s remarks were the most stupidest thing he could have said. Why did he say it? Because WE THE PEOPLE, although I was not and have never been involved with the Minutemen as I just watch and listen…Those who were there trying to protect the nation’s borders had embarrassed the president and rightly so. We The People are fed up.

    We’re fed up listening to sloth’s, and snails as pres. candidates like Romney, Lindsey Graham’s Kasich, who have as much charisma, as a Tennessee snail darter. Worthless political hack do nothings. Look around the world, and you’ll see the insanity like German’s so called “Leader” with her face in her lap. Stupidity. Divide & Conquer is the new democrat way. Hillary Clinton’s remarks that “we need to be more loving” is total bullcrap. Just a slogan in order to make her look compassionate? Just look at the photos of Isis running around the middle east in nice strong US military tanks and Vehicles. Do they look Loving & nice?

    It is they who will also seek to come across our borders waiting for Barack Obama’s orders to attack Americans before the election. And it is the churches they will go after first. Jews & Christians. No wonder the dems hate guns in the hands of Americans, because the democrats know that the ordinary liberal americans usually don’t go around chopping heads off and attacking people at places of worship etc..although the American bred college anarchists are probably ready to do that but make no mistake, the POTUS, needs Islamic terrorists in the U.S. to do what ordinary U.S. Citizens wouldn’t even think of. We are witnessing Evil to be called Good and the Good in this world Evil. Link that to what is hate speech? less we forget…speaking out against Illegal Immigration, Speaking out against what is destroying civilation all because of the power structure in countries all over the world that they hate Jews and Christians. Remember it has nothing to do with compassion and love. It’s all for Votes, Votes, so the liberals can continue their suicide pack against the greatest nation on Earth the U.S.

  3. Would be nice to receive your southern border reports in Tucson. Certainly that’s your goal to be heard everywhere; just making the request.

  4. Excellent reporting! I agree this issue hasn’t been discussed nearly enough! Drug trafficking is killing our youth & destroying families! Going on way too long in this country.
    Thank you! Please keep on it!

  5. Great report. Very disturbing and very serious issue not only as to illegals coming across but the amazing amounts of drugs. Hopefully Mr. Trump will solve the problem that should have been solved years ago. It’s the security of our country that’s at risk.

  6. It’s truly shocking and unbelievable that more people aren’t up in arms about the failure of our leadership to enforce immigration laws. Most people I know are Democrats and seem to be living in an alternate universe on the immigration issue. I’ve actually been told, paraphrasing, that basically we should all be nice to each other, and everything will work out. Sheer lunacy. I cannot comprehend the ignorance of people who don’t get the many implications of illegal immigration, drugs being just one aspect.

    I think all we have to do is look at Europe and see what will be coming our way if we don’t pull our head out of the sand.

    While I don’t think building a wall makes sense for a variety of reasons, it does seem as though Trump is the only Presidential candidate who seriously advanced the immigration issue, and the gravity of it. Highly unlikely the other Republicans would have done anything other than what they’ve done for the last 20 years, give lip service to tighter immigration.

    And of course the Democrats receive an F- on immigration. Obama has gutted immigration enforcement. And Hillary has said she’d go further than Obama on immigration. Both Hillary and Bernie have said they’d only deport criminal aliens, so essentially their policy would be no enforcement/open borders.

    At the rate we’re going, we will be a country (well, not even a country — more like a free-for-all zone) in not that long with, what, 1 billion people? Seems we’re competing with China and India to overpopulate ourselves through mass immigration. We’ve lost our minds and our way.

  7. For absurdity equivalent to ” Fast and Furious” See the saga of Border Patrol agent Julia Davis. The documentary movie “Top Priority” Where John Bonner the head of Homeland Security named one of his own Border Patrols own employees a domestic terrorist ! Worthy of a new category of award , a festered putrified government

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