New Fast & Furious documents show Obama administration efforts to mislead Congress

Above image: Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered in 2010 by illegal aliens armed with weapons sold by ATF Fast and Furious suspects.

It’s hard to believe, but five years after Fast and Furious, Congress is still in a pitched battle with the Obama administration over subpoenaed documents. What does the latest production of material under a federal judge’s order reveal? Justice Department emails formerly withheld under the President’s assertion of executive privilege containing quotes like these:

  • “We would suggest that you pull the sentence that notes how many weapons we’ve recovered. It squares poorly with how many we haven’t.”
  • “I think people will accuse us of playing with semantics when we say that you did not authorize Fast and Furious, but they find out that CRM [DOJ’s Criminal Division] did authorize wiretaps.”
  • DOJ Criminal Division Office of International Affairs Director Molly Warlow advised that the Inspector General’s review “shouldn’t have any interplay at all [with the Mexican government’s investigation], unless we wanted to (or needed to) invoke that as reason (even if disingenuously) to shelve the Mexican inquiry. I can see nothing but mischief (and headaches for us) in the mexicans pursuing this, so I would like to see if there is a way we can turn it off, and the sooner the better.”

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It’s information that, if revealed at the time, would have proven the falsity of many Obama administration assertions in the gunwalking case. It also would have been extremely damaging to the President’s re-election campaign. As the documents are reluctantly turned over years later, it’s clear that the goal of delaying their release until the story was long past–has been accomplished.

Seized weapons in Naco, Sonora related to Justice Department's Operation Fast and Furious
Seized weapons in Naco, Sonora related to Justice Department’s Operation Fast and Furious

Here’s the House Oversight Committee memo outlining the latest documents and court developments, and laying out its analysis.

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9 thoughts on “New Fast & Furious documents show Obama administration efforts to mislead Congress”

  1. Until scandals like Fast and Furious and Benghazi are seriously scrutinized by main stream media, the facts mean nothing. Hard to believe that honest liberal journalism wouldn’t be investigating the facts in a fair and unbiased manner. There are no more Walter Cronkites left.

    On another note, I absolutely enjoyed reading ‘Stonewalled’. Fantastic read.

  2. HOW is it possible that we have more criminals in the white hut than Leavenworth Penitentiary? VERY foolish voters indeed.

  3. Sharyl — The committee’s work here isn’t finished — did you see that the DOJ is still pushing back on releasing the full range of docs?

    Per Peter Kadzick, assistant AG:

    “The Department believes that the information provided to the Committee in the referenced production, along with material previously disclosed, fully satisfies the Committee’s interest in understanding the Department’s response to congressional inquiries regarding Operation Fast and Furious and obviates any need for further litigation on this matter.”

    Why should the committee take the word from the same guys who withheld the information for years in the first place?

  4. Once the truth is out and the people know everything this president has done ” God help him”! He Is just the tip of the iceberg, there are many more people involved in many ways! After Trump becomes president I’m sure he will go after Obama and all the rest of them!

  5. Three-quarters through Stonewalled. Great read. Amazed that this administration is able to get away with these things. The fact that you as a journalist were subjected to being bugged is appalling. I’m also amazed that CBS didn’t investigate your situation more thoroughly. I’m sure it couldn’t possibly have anything to do with David and Ben being related.

  6. Once again, I congratulate you on your reporting. These people like others will just walk away as if nothing was wrong. How is it that in this day and age, politicians and appointed officials can still commit crimes and escape justice?

  7. Sharyl, I live in Tucson and have relatives who live on a ranch 40 miles S.W. of Town. On more than one occasion they have seen military type units wearing military fatigues acting in a well trained manner, disciplined, and speaking Spanish. There have been gun battles between rival groups within a 100 yards of one of my cousin’s homes. Just this spring one of these groups penetrated to near the town of Sahuarita forcing the closer of a huge Caterpillar facility. None of this was reported by any news source, either local or national.

    I am retired NSA and am currently writing a book on why we are losing the battle on terrorism, and the border will be one of the issues covered.

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