Risperdal’s alleged unthinkable side effect in boys: developing women’s breasts

Can the pill Risperdal, widely prescribed for disorders such as ADD, cause young boys to grow women’s breasts? Thousands say “yes” and are suing the drug maker saying it knew and covered up the devastating adverse event called gynecomastia. The drug company denies that. For some boys as young as age five, the breast growth is so dramatic that they have double mastectomies. We’ll tell the story of one young patient Sunday on Full Measure.

Also on this week’s program: Scott Thuman will report on the two faces of Donald Trump. After this week’s primary sweep, which Donald are we likely to see more of as he moves closer to the Republican nomination? And we’ll also have some Pub Politics: we go across the pond to see what our British brethren think of campaign 2016, mate!



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