“Full Measure” receives Finalist recognition from Gerald Loeb awards

Above image: a Full Measure shoot on Capitol Hill

Thanks to the UCLA Anderson School of Management for selecting our reporting, “Taxpayer Beware,” as a Finalist in the 2016 Gerald Loeb awards —and congratulations to the other finalists. We are very appreciative of the recognition given to our new broadcast and its mission of reporting undertold stories in a fearless fashion.

The five stories that comprised the entry are: Coming to AmericaThe WhistleblowerAfghan OasisCash CowsBreaking Bad. In “Coming to America,” we tackle the incendiary topic of legal immigration and the fiscal challenges it poses to one American town. We learn that the town’s generosity has made it an unlikely magnet for refugees and asylum seekers. The result is a community torn between its desire to reach out to deserving immigrants, and the costs of doing so.

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 5.04.38 PM
“Coming to America” in Lewiston, Maine

The Whistleblower” is the shocking true-life expose of a Swiss banker who helped the U.S. recover billions of tax dollars from interests hiding money in offshore accounts. We reveal why the government put him in prison, but allowed the bank and tax evaders to avoid prosecution. It’s a story of power and influence… and taxpayers getting cheated. In an incredible twist, he tells how he also received the largest IRS whistleblower award in history. “

Full Measure team
Full Measure team

Afghan Oasis” is a maddening story of taxpayer waste in Afghanistan as told exclusively to us by the Inspector General. Tens of millions of dollars were spent on a military headquarters that the generals on the ground said they didn’t want, wouldn’t use and never occupied.

In “Cash Cows,” we dig into the timely topic of for-profit college fraud, and trace their targeting military troops for GI Bill money. In the end, we learn taxpayers get taken twice: the GI Bill money is wasted and taxpayers end up bailing out the defrauded students.

With Bryan Babcock from "Cash Cows"
With Bryan Babcock from “Cash Cows”

Finally, “Breaking Bad” looks at the remarkable shenanigans inside a little known federal agency funded by one billion tax dollars. The problems were revealed when an illegal meth lab at the agency blew up one night.

Our first official "Full Measure" meeting
Our first official “Full Measure” meeting


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Full Measure is broadcast Sundays to 43 million US households on ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, Telemundo and CW stations owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group. Replays at FullMeasure.news anytime.
Full Measure is broadcast Sundays to 43 million US households on ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, Telemundo and CW stations owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group. Replays at FullMeasure.news anytime.

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  1. Love what you’re doing! However, I would prefer to see beer mugs on the table. 🙂 Water and soft drinks do not indicate a sufficient level of seriousness.

  2. Leslie Ann Kelly

    P.S., re bengazi, I met dick Morris over a year ago and ran my theory by him as I see patterns: Obama used top military or diplomatic assets (Seals in the large, slow Chinook, or the ambassador Chris Stevens) to trade for the politically, not U.S. security- motivated executions of Osama and ghadaffi, making the trade with possibly a saudi prince, such as Bandar. Human chess pieces, the seals knew their fate was sealed (no pun), according to their fathers, when they were illegally outer by pinetta, and Biden. My aunt, Dorothy fink, whose son, my cousin, Murray funk, now a naval reserve captain, Murray fink, tells me seals work is never publicized. Later dick Morris said on radio, after her checked with bill Clinton, that Hillary blamed Obama for overruling her wish to save those under attack in bengazi.

  3. Leslie Ann Kelly

    Typo in first of my 2 messages, a Boston FBI agent told me to look into the whitey thing :saying it would be “worth my while” to do so. Another agent said my stolen pa drivers license was used both at Boston and NYC ID thefts of me at their FBI offices.

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