UPDATE: Govt. Experiment on Preemies Controversy: Still Unresolved

Updated report from Full Measure: Human Testing

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First published June 2014, there still is no resolution to this controversial case of a government-experiment-on-premies-gone-wrong.

There may have been the best of intentions. But after critically ill premature babies were harmed in this large-scale federal study, the government’s own ethics body said that its consent forms were deficient. What happened next? The federal government went after the ethics body for its finding.

This is a textbook example of the powerful launching attacks on those who expose their alleged wrongdoing, as described in the best selling book, Stonewalled.

Unfortunately, with many in the media taking their cues from the government regarding what stories are worth covering, this one has received surprisingly little widespread attention.

Read the original report, “Uninformed Consent,” at the link below:





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