House Benghazi Committee Completes Work

Republicans say White House Impeded Probe

The U.S. military response in Benghazi, Libya was perplexingly inadequate the night Americans were attacked by Islamic extremist terrorists, Sept. 11, 2012. That’s one overarching conclusion reached by two leading Republicans on the House Benghazi Committee after a year and a half long investigation.

“13 Hours” is the account of the Benghazi attacks by Islamic extremist terrorists, as told by several survivors on the ground.

“Until now the administration has led us to believe the military did not have assets—men or machines—close enough or ready enough to arrive in Benghazi in time to save lives,” said Republicans Jim Jordan of Ohio and Mike Pompeo of Kansas. “An asset that could have made a difference would have been armed drones. And as the Committee learned, it would have been relatively fast and easy to arm a drone.”

Jordan and Pompeo released a 48-page supplement to the Committee’s much lengthier official report, also out today, numbering more than 500 pages. Jordan said he and Pompeo “felt the need to draw conclusions from facts,” and address motivations behind the Obama administration’s Benghazi-related actions; something he said the Committee’s main report stopped short of doing.

Four Americans were killed in the Benghazi attacks. U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith died in the initial assault on the unsecure diplomatic compound. CIA contractors Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods were killed hours later, when no U.S. military help from outside Libya came to the rescue and terrorists assaulted the nearby CIA annex. The events, as told by survivors in the annex, were portrayed in this year’s film “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.”

The fallout from Benghazi is among the most enduring controversies of the Obama administration.

Democrats say the investigation is one of the most partisan on record… (Continue reading at:

Read and Watch Sharyl Attkisson’s Benghazi reports

Full Measure is broadcast Sunday mornings to 43 million US households on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and Telemundo stations. Replays anytime at and live stream at 9:30a ET Sundays
Full Measure is broadcast Sunday mornings to 43 million US households on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and Telemundo stations. Replays anytime at and live stream at 9:30a ET Sundays

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2 thoughts on “House Benghazi Committee Completes Work”

  1. Thank you once again Sharyl!!!

    I cringe every time I hear the media and the Democrats say this investigation is one of the most partisan on record.

    Everyone owes it to themselves to read the report and also Sharyl’s book, especially where she describes what is little remembered as BENGHAZIGATE. It was when Romney took Obama to task about blaming Benghazi on a video and not a terrorist attack. Obama came back quite confidently and said he called it a terrorist attack the next day in the Rose Garden. Even though CBS knew at that time that it was a lie when moderator Candy Crowley of CNN asked the Benghazi-related question.

    It was actually the turning point in the 2012 election when Mitt Romney was leading Obama by a wide margin after the first debate.

    It was a conspiracy by both the media (CBS) and the White House. That one particular incident could well have caused Mitt Romney from becoming president instead of Obama.

    Yes, I read the whole book!!! I’m afraid the title frightens liberals thinking it’s written by a right wing author, but I assure you Sharyl is anything but.

    Sharyl is She’s one of very few and probably the most trusted non partician investigative reporters in this country.

    BTW the 7 million or so dollars spent on this investigation in my opinion was one of the best bargans the taxpayers have gotten since Obama has been president. You can’t put a dollar value on the truth. It has proven what liars we have leading this country and what lengths they’ll go to to get elected.

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