Leaked DNC email: Democrats delighted that news coverage exaggerated anti-Trump protest size

Last May, when Donald Trump met with House Speaker Paul Ryan at Republican National Committee headquarters in Washington D.C., anti-Trump protesters “swarmed” the area.

Well, maybe not so much. It turns out news reports at the time seem to have exaggerated the truth.

That’s one thing we learned from newly-leaked Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails. Democrats had tried to organize a much larger turnout but failed. They were surprised and delighted by reporters’ mischaracterizations of the event.

“Tv coverage of protest great” declared DNC communications official T.J. Helmstetter in an email to DNC National Communications Director Luis Miranda on May 12, 2016.

[quote]”Shockingly good coverage despite abysmal turnout. CNN and MSNBC using prominently.”[/quote]

Miranda responds: “Yes, but going forward, when our allies screw up and don’t deliver bodies in time, we either send all our interns out there or we stay away from it.. we don’t want to own a bad picture.”

“The Hill” published a story by a writer named Harper Neidig that made it sound like the area was crawling with Trump opponents and supporters. The story was accompanied by a photo showing four anti-Trump protesters holding signs.

“The Washington Post” published a story by a writer named Elise Tieback that also implied Trump’s presence had created unprecedented disruption, particularly by drawing a large group of protesters. She declared, “In each successive visit to the RNC, Trump is attracting bigger crowds, bigger protests, bigger media attention. Everyone crams into the small two-block area that surrounds the RNC building, many people just taking in the spectacle. Thursday’s meeting between Trump and Ryan (R-Wis.) was no exception.”

“Abysmal turnout” but “great” news coverage.

[ilink url=”https://wikileaks.org/dnc-emails/emailid/13366″]Read the DNC email [/ilink]

Below is a YouTube video that shows the size of the anti-Trump crowd compared to the collection of news media.


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5 thoughts on “Leaked DNC email: Democrats delighted that news coverage exaggerated anti-Trump protest size”

  1. This is GREAT STUFF! Just think. The Libs fell for Trump’s bait again today (7-27-2016). All of ’em, including the President. Trump’s reference to Hillary’s 30, 000 + non work related emails. They fell right into the trap. Brilliant strategy by Trump. Which is it Hillary. You lied again and got caught, or Trump is tip toeing around with treason? I bet I know the answer. Keep up the good work Sharyl.

  2. Thank you Sharyl. It is refreshing to read something and know the source is reliable. I wonder how our country got into today’s distressing condition, leaving us only a beggar’s choice. I can’t imagine a candidate who spoke to the parents of the Benghazi heroes and then call them liars. Also, it is hard to justify voting for a candidate just because he or she is the first of the gender to be nominated. Are they all that shallow?
    Big fan since Tampa

  3. Anybody remember the massive BLM and La Raza protests against Trump’s campaign appearance to San Antonio recently? No, because it never occurred, despite several weeks of local soliciting and advertising by Democrats trying create violent, looting and mayhem, like we saw in CA. I think there were more reporters than the few protesters flown in from out-of-town.

  4. Talk about collusion! I’d like to see all the emails sent by the DNC to CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, ABC, NBC, CBS, Washington Post, NY Times…, moments after Trump’s press conference after he called on Russia to release Hillary’s missing, deleted emails — IF THEY HAVE THEM. It seemed like the entire news media machine immediately reported the story in exactly the same way (Trump called upon Russia to hack our systems), as if they all received instructions on how to frame the story and for all to accuse Trump of treason.

  5. It would be wonderful if Guccifer 2.0 would hack all of the media big wigs. From executives down to the fake journalists / propaganda readers in front of the camera.

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