Four FBI Probes Related to the Clintons

The following information is compiled from allegations contained in news reports and in public interviews by current and former law enforcement officials. All of those involved have denied any wrongdoing.[hr]

The FBI reportedly has 4 active probes related to the Clintons. Here’s how they dovetail.[hr]

1. Clinton Foundation: Four FBI field offices– New York, Los Angeles, Little Rock and Washington DC– have been involved in a lengthy probe of the Clinton Foundation charity. “Pay to play” allegations include the charity soliciting donations from corporations and foreign countries in exchange for access and policy considerations from then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, which she denies. Emails published this month by Wikileaks reflect consternation among various Clinton allies about the possible appearance of conflicts of interests. Chelsea, the Clintons’ daughter, worried about blurred lines between the charity and the for profit business of one of her father’s aides. In emails, the aide, Douglas Band, discussed how he’d arranged millions of dollars in income for Bill Clinton from foundation donors. He referred to the arrangement as “Bill Clinton, Inc.” Chelsea pleaded with her parents’ confidants to help get the charity’s house in order, and she enlisted outside lawyers to look at the foundation’s business practices. Emails indicate some interviewees told a team auditing the Foundation that donors “may have an expectation of quid pro quo benefits in return for gift[s].” Various FBI and Department of Justice officials have clashed over whether the probe into the charity is worthwhile. In February, senior Justice Department officials reportedly refused to authorize subpoenas, formal witness interviews or a grand jury in the case, believing the evidence was not compelling. In September, FBI investigators on the Clinton Foundation case asked to see the Hillary Clinton emails, but prosecutors reportedly denied them permission.


2. Anthony Weiner sexting: Weiner is the ex-Congressman who resigned in 2011 amid a sexting scandal. He’s married to top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin. He withdrew from the race for New York mayor in 2013 amid another sexting scandal. And in August this year, he was caught allegedly sexting women again, sometimes with his infant son shown in photos. Abedin announced her separation from Weiner after the latest revelations. The FBI began a probe into whether Weiner had traded sexually explicit texts with a minor, and in the process of examining his computers, investigators ran across evidence of Abedin emails sent to and from Clinton’s insecure private server(s), which the FBI had previously investigated. The FBI Clinton email team met with the FBI Weiner team and they agreed the newly-discovered material was potentially relevant. FBI Director James Comey notified Congress on Friday.

Anthony Weiner, husband of top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin. Weiner is under FBI investigation in a sexual texting case.

3. Hillary Clinton email: In July, FBI Director Comey said that Hillary Clinton had been “grossly negligent” in the mishandling of classified emails on private servers as secretary of state, but that there was no basis under which to charge her with a crime. However, the revelations of new Abedin emails that could be relevant to the investigation have returned the status of the case to “open.”

FBI probe of Hillary Clinton email is still active

Read Devlin Barrett’s article in the Wall Street Journal

4. Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe: Longtime Clinton ally, former Clinton Foundation board member, and former head of the Democratic National Committee, McAuliffe is also said to be under FBI investigation (led by the Washington Field Office). His lawyer has reportedly said the FBI probe is focused on whether McAuliffe failed to register as an agent of a foreign entity. There are also reports that the FBI is looking into six figures in campaign contributions from a Chinese businessman who also pledged $2 million to the Clinton Foundation while the donor was a member of China’s government, the National People’s Congress. Foreigners are prohibited from making political contributions in the U.S., but can donate personally if they have a green card, which the donor reportedly has.

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, a former Clinton Foundation board member, reportedly under FBI investigation

There are also questions surrounding McAuliffe’s campaign donations to the wife of a top FBI official, Andrew McCabe, as these various probes have moved forward. The Wall Street Journal reports that McAuliffe’s political action committee gave McCabe’s wife, Jill, $467,500 in late 2015 for her state senate race (which she lost). The FBI’s McCabe has reportedly been triaging for the two teams investigating the Weiner-Abedin email and the Clinton Foundation probes where they intersect. One official told the Wall Street Journal that on August 12, a senior Justice Department official called McCabe to express displeasure at learning New York FBI agents were still on the Clinton Foundation case. “Are you telling me that I need to shut down a validly predicated investigation,” McCabe reportedly asked. “Of course not,” reportedly answered the official, after a pause.

The FBI's Andrew McCabe and wife, Jill
The FBI’s Andrew McCabe and wife, Jill

McCabe reportedly recused himself from a separate McAuliffe matter due to McCabe’s wife’s political contributions from McAuliffe, according to the Wall Street Journal. The McCabes and McAuliffe have denied any conflicts of interest or other wrongdoing.


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14 thoughts on “Four FBI Probes Related to the Clintons”

  1. Heather VanWagner

    Just watched your show for the first time and I loved it! It aired late Sunday night, 10-30-16. I actually waited through the commercials!

  2. Trying to find the show that’s on right now 10-30-2016 @ 11:35. You’re talking about the weakness of the USA power grid! I’ve been tryingbto tell my family*friends about this issue & they think I’m exaggerating!!
    Would appreciate getting a link or something I can show them!!

    Thank you!!

  3. Thanks so much for this, Sharyl – you do fantastic work. I’m a big fan.

    Quick note – It is my understanding that Comey used the term “extremely careless” when describing Clinton’s treatment of classified material. “Grossly negligent” is the term used in the statutes. If you’re quoting Comey, might want to confirm that and use his exact term.

  4. We know from other writings that Bill Clinton went somewhere 26 times, and was shown to have raped a 15 year old. Was the Weiner with him? Who else was with him? Were there other Congressmen who went there as well? Is that why the Congress has done nothing?

  5. Another red flag which is astounding was when Podesta emailed headquarters declaring his attempts to connect to the internet via AMTRAK server was thwarted time and time again, giving him a headache I would surmise. The actual headache is his email was delivering unsecure coverage of the full content of Hillarys State Department emails via her unsecure server. Put a condom on those things, pu-LEAZE!!! They were spewing secrets all over the place. How the main stream media fails to take this into account and shut down HRC Headquarters immediately, buy tickets to some 5th world country, and go underground is testimony to why Americans are seething, and ready to crucify Clintons for their ways. We will see what we shall see.

  6. I believe Hillary should be jailed. Saying that:
    1. I cannot believe the FBI had Anthony Weiner’s laptop such a long time before finding the emails.
    2. Huma swore she had no emails and doesn’t know how they got on there. She is not a credible source but forwarding and keeping that many emails isn’t easy to swallow either unless she had an ulterior motive.
    3. It was stated (somewhere) that Comey came out with his game changing statement before he could have seen the emails, but that fact may be false.
    It makes me wonder
    1. Did the FBI have the emails from another source much earlier and put them on the laptop to make a recent find seem plausible.
    2. Is this all a manipulated story.
    3. Will it be drawn out, as typically done, and result in no action in order to inoculate people until they forget or dismiss crime.
    4. Is it part of a plan to create constant ups and downs (from hype and lies) to confuse people or divert them, so much that they quit thinking due to being overwhelmed.
    5. Is the purpose to increase the division in society?

  7. Can’t read Devlon Barrette’s article in the other news report you sugested cause it said that it is no longer available! Was wondering if you would possibly still have a copy of it or could still get your hands on a copy of it & possibly send it to my email address so I could finish catching up on all this “CLINTON SCANDAL” mess before I vote? Would greatly appreciate your assistance. Thank you kindly in advance. Im not a reporter or politician, just a lowly concerned citizen looking to educate myself b4 voting!
    [email protected]

  8. Interesting that you are parroting the alt-right’s talking points without really citing your sources. DId you know the FBI has not said they are actively investigating Hillary’s emails, to my knowledge. The Clinton Foundation has the highest rating of any US charitable foundation, and money donated by foreign countries or their leaders goes back to that country in the form of good works, such as aids medicine and prevention programs, clean water sources for villages, etc. While Hillary was S of S, no one was given special access, according to numerous news stories. She only saw those who made appointments through official channels. It’s also interesting to note you have not investigated the Trump Foundation, which is being investigated for being nothing more than a personal revenue stream for Trump, buying himself gifts and paying his many legal fees. All with foundation money that was donated by others, since he has not donated to his own charity in years. This is clearly illegal, but you don’t say a word about it. The GOP and the right-wing nut-jobs have been trying to get the Clintons for some 30 years, all the way back to Whitewater, with lies and innuendo. But you don’t investigate, nor do you report that. It’s ironic that the Whitewater prosecutor has endorsed Hillary Clinton for President, don’t you think? Most people are correct when they say one of our major party candidates belongs in prison, but it’s Donald Trump, the lying tax cheat who wrote off a billion dollar loss when it was really his investor’s losses, not his, and walked away with millions of other peoples money, including ours, because of his tax-cheating ways. By the way, the so-called FBI probes are based on the book, Clinton Money, which was discredited by both liberal and conservative news organizations, including The Wall Street Journal. And Comey’s motive for his letter to Congress seems to have been to tank the election to make himself look good. He deserves to be fired.

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