Hillary allies Podesta and Reines “at each other’s throats”

In March of 2015, the Hillary Clinton campaign is reeling over damage control regarding her email revelations. It decides to consider having Hillary do an interview with Andrew Mitchell of MSNBC to get her narrative out. When word of that possible interview leaks out within CNN, a CNN “source” tells the Clinton campaign– and the leak sets off a nasty confrontation between Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and longtime Clinton aide Philippe Reines.

“You got to stop this,” Podesta admonishes. “If we are going to be at each other’s throats before we start, we are going nowhere.”

“(T)he conclusion that it is ME that has to stop ‘this’ is really unfair,” Reines shoots back. “…if you think I’m the only one on this chain bothered by this – and not because I whipped them up – then I have a bridge to nowhere to sell you.”

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