Obamacare: Critical Condition

Obamacare has provided insurance to millions of Americans–many of them for free (at taxpayer expense). But for millions of others, Obamacare has proven disastrous. These individuals and families find themselves paying up to double what they once paid for health insurance. At the same time, they’re socked with huge out of pocket costs and sky-high deductibles. Some are dropping insurance altogether because of the costs. We’ll examine the latest announced premium hikes for 2017 and talk to an expert who says the Affordable Care Act is anything but affordable–and is in the process of imploding.


We’ll also look at the risks to America’s electric grid posed by foreign hackers. Could our enemies disrupt our way of life with malware they’ve already installed in our system? Some say yes. But other experts are less concerned. See what happened when hackers recently took down a section of the grid in Ukraine.


And why it can be difficult to trace the path that millions of dollars followed after Americans gave for Hurricane Katrina victims back in 2005. It turns out a lot of the Katrina funds first went to The Clinton Foundation and a charity linked to President George H.W. Bush before they reached their ultimate destination. We’ll ask about some apparent discrepancies in publicly-reported numbers.

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Watch Full Measure Sundays on a Sinclair station or livestream at 9:30a EST at FullMeasure.news
Watch Full Measure Sundays on a Sinclair station or livestream at 9:30a EST at FullMeasure.news

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1 thought on “Obamacare: Critical Condition”

  1. “…paying up to double what they once paid…” More like cancelation and then quadrupling of premium and tripling of deductible.

    How my health insurance has changed:
    2003: employer plan: $30 premium with employer $30 match and $20 copay
    2011: individual policy: $116 premium/$1,000 deductible and no complaints
    2012: $145 premium/2,000 deductible and no complaints
    2013: $165 premium/2,000 deductible and I was satisfied with my plan and doctor
    Oct 2013 ObamaCare: notice of policy canceled for not covering ‘essential benefits’ that I don’t need or want
    2014: $355 premium/6,000 deductible
    2015: $415 premium/6,000 deductible, had insurance for 2 months, but IRS didn’t fine me
    2016: no insurance
    2017: no insurance, expected cost: ~$625 premium/6,000 deductible
    This is just ridiculous. Obama lied about everything.

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