The extremely abbreviated version of campaign 2016 media coverage

A lot of people haven’t paid very close attention to the campaign for president. For your convenience, here is the abbreviated version of the media’s coverage campaign 2016 so far.

The following is a news media commentary

Trump announces he’s running:screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-4-53-36-pm
Trump is a clown.
Trump isn’t serious.
He’s secretly trying to get Hillary elected.
We (the media) refuse to cover his campaign.
The media covers Trump 24/7.
His polls are abysmal.
He’ll never last.
He’ll get crushed.
He should apologize.
He should withdraw.
He’s had his worst week ever.
Republicans are bailing on him.
He’s too offensive.
His polls are dreadful.
Trump’s campaign is over.
Trump is finished.
He should apologize.
He doesn’t really want to win.
Republicans will fix the convention so he doesn’t win.
Trump has zero chance of getting the nomination.
Trump wins the Republican nomination.
Republicans endorse him.
He’s a secret plant for Hillary.
He’s had his worst week ever.
Republicans bail on him.
He may drop out.
Trump’s campaign is finished.
Trump changes campaign staff.
Trump is on a winning path.
Republicans endorse him.
His polls look good.
Trump can’t win.
He’s too defensive.
His polls are dreadful.
Trump should apologize.
Trump should resign.
Trump can’t win.
Trump should drop out.
Republicans are bailing on him.
He’s had his worst 24 hours ever.
Trump announces he won’t quit.

Hillary announces she’s running:

Presidential nominee, Democrat Hillary Clinton
Hillary is under investigation by the FBI.
Her staff destroyed emails under subpoena.
She’s going to be indicted by the FBI.
She’s crushing the polls.
She’s losing the polls.
She’s working with the DNC to undermine Bernie.
Hillary is stealing the nomination from Bernie.
She might lose the nomination to Bernie.
Hillary is hurt by the DNC leak.
Hillary wins the nomination.
The Clinton Foundation is under FBI investigation.
Hillary is in hiding.
She’s crushing the polls.
She has coughing fits.
She’s not indicted.
She won’t give press conferences.
Hillary is sick.
She’s dying.
She’s got pneumonia.
She never felt better.
Hillary is crushing the polls.

You’re welcome.

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8 thoughts on “The extremely abbreviated version of campaign 2016 media coverage”

  1. I am a female. I am a Democrat. Trump is a pig. I don’t care.

    He has a big mouth, big ego, no filter. I don’t care.

    He’s not Hillary. I don’t have enough room to provide reasons why she should never be President.

  2. Amazing isn’t it. Reading her hacked speech transcripts is enlightening.Look at how the tape on Trump was leaked literaly two hours after the document dump…That could make your list.

  3. It’s difficult to recall anything positive the media ever said about Trump or to recall any prediction they made about Trump that came true.
    I’ve never seen the media so biased and dishonest. Many of those comments about Trump came from the Republican media. It’s a strange phenomenon.

    Prominent Republicans all over the country — pundits, congressmen, RNC chief Reince Priebus, radio talk show hosts — publicly denounce Trump for the most trivial things that voters don’t care about, vowing not to vote for him, refusing endorsements and calling on him to resign, but Democrats never do the same to Hillary on major issues related to criminal behavior, obstructing justice, destroying evidence under subpoena, mishandling classified docs, destroying Bill’s women, lying to the FBI, Congress, the press and the American people.

    Democrats NEVER attack their own candidates and voters. Republicans AWAYS attack their own candidates and voters. Why?

    1. Why? Because the Republican party allows people to stay in the party even if they think independently, have their own opinions, or express themselves as individuals. The Democrats require clone mentality; either you fall in on the PC line or you are out.

  4. Trump is being attacked for what he said in a private conversation, as a private citizen, 11 years ago, while Hillary skates on what she said while she was a candidate last year in a rehearsed cable TV show discussion with Lena Dunham : “Yeah, I’d like to see that (video of Lenny Kravitz’s “junk” falling out of his pants)” Search Youtube for “Hillary Clinton & Lena Dunham discuss Lenny Kravitz’s Wardrobe Malfunction”.

    Not to mention her many ACTIONS threatening, abusing, and trying to discredit many, many victims of sexual molestation by her husband while she was First Lady of both Arkansas and America.

  5. I’m not sure when journalism in this country died… I grew up watching Dan Rather and I had reasonable confidence as a child that the news I was watching was genuine and was not intentionally manipulated by someone else. I’m not sure if that was entirely true or if i was just too new to the world to know better. But the recent election has highlighted a thought war that is carried out in the media. If you have reasonable concerns about any topic you are labeled a crazy. The media blasts a very biased and pervasive view of the facts and represents them as gospel truth, with no room for disagreement. Social media amplifies this and creates a mob mentality with a zealot following of trolls.

    I’m really worried about this country, because you can’t trust the news to be facts. That now requires way to much work for people to be reasonably educated about the complex world we live in. Mrs. Attkisson your site is a rare gem, please keep posting real news, unbiased and in an easy digestible format.

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