Campaign 2016: The Big Miss

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Why did I predict Donald Trump would win the election? Because I’m not a political analyst and I looked at things from the outside. That’s what we do each week on Full Measure: We don’t provide the typical media view of important news stories.


Many in the media put their thumb on the scale against Trump. Yet every step of the way, most of the pundits and predictions proved wrong. What happens when society can’t count on getting the truth from important institutions: government, media and polls? We’ll have a fascinating cover story–we call it “The Big Miss”–with information you won’t see anywhere else.

A government watchdog from the Project on Government Oversight joins us with a plan–what he says President Trump needs to do to improve government accountability, ethics and transparency.


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And Scott Thuman has a terrific story from North Carolina where a factory is looking for skilled workers and offering apprenticeships–and good pay–to young college students. Is this a model for the rest of the U.S.?


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3 thoughts on “Campaign 2016: The Big Miss”

  1. Good that you rose above the drivel and told the truth. But sadly: too little, too late for most reporters and media companies. There are going to be large numbers of people in your profession out of work over the next decade. Do they have the job skills needed to find any but the lowest paying jobs? With Engineers, Artists, Computer programmers, etc loosing jobs to H-1B Visa workers.. Do you imagine the crippled economy of the US has any high or middle paying jobs for them? Soon they’ll be just one more person with a ‘degree’ standing in a 5-hour line to apply for 1 job. Because they read the incorrect polls.. they actually believed the people voting for Trump were uneducated.. They actually believed they were ‘bigots’. They failed to understand that a person who has worked in ‘blue collar’ jobs have far greater ‘job skills’ than they do.. and usually are more widely educated and ‘cross trained’. Frequently they’ve lived in many areas of the country.. or overseas. The ‘press’ obsesses over the lower birthrates for ‘whites’.. gleefully.. while they are ‘white’ for the most part. Self-hate on parade. What a FAIL to not notice: The adoption rates among whites of ‘non-white’ children.. The bi-racial marriages now entering the 3rd generation.. and resultant children. These children will be raised in the White Middle Class Culture. To be Gleeful as the Middle Class of every race is reduced to Poverty reveals only one thing: people who do that are Social Pariahs. They have thrown public parties at every news of the destruction of the Middle Class of this nation. There is no regaining of respect from the Middle Class. Not for THIS generation of ‘journalists’. The few media outlets that remain from this current 2016 group in 2035… will be ones that publicly shed their current employees, managers, and directors/owners.. and became actual Professional Journals once more. Any person that participated in the destruction of the Press and Gloated over the destruction of the Middle Class.. will be reduced to unemployment. Either fired outright.. or laid off as their company goes belly up. My family.. Middle Class.. has White, African American/White, Asian-American/White, Asian-American, Islam-Americans, Ukrainian-Americans.. Engineers, Professors, Nurses, Pilots, Ministers, Artists, Musicians, Harbor Shipping Inspectors, teachers, barbars, insurance claims managers, business founders, etc. We live in almost every state of the union. I have a Creek great grandmother, my husband is %15 Jewish, my daughter-in-law is Korean.. Your ‘profession’ has completely LOST %99 of our very LARGE extended family. I know, because though we are scattered across the country.. we keep in touch. We want the Clintons and their hangers-on TRIED. In and out of government service. We do NOT want our nation to stop living under a Functioning Constitution. We do NOT want any more North American Versions of Argentina’s Peron Family in our government.. or government officials and a Press trying to Protect them!! We have stopped paying any attention to the ‘Press’ except to Monitor what your next Prapaganda line is. Pass along the ‘Pink Slip’ the folks who did this to our nation can have a little time to re-train before looking for a new career. PS.. notify the fellow travelers in academia.. we won’t be sending our kids to colleges that employ them..

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