“The Big Miss”: Campaign 2016

Never before have so many in the media worked so hard to convince the public that a candidate couldn’t and shouldn’t win.

Our cover story this week on Full Measure, “The Big Miss,” examined the growing loss of faith in American institutions: the government, the media and polls.

Watch: The Big Miss

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We interview George Washington University media expert and former CNN correspondent Frank Sesno.

Frank Sesno of The George Washington University: “I say we didn’t see what was going on around us under our nose.”

We also hear from our expert John Johnson who told us several weeks ago not to rely on the national polls.

Data analyst John Johnson, author of Everydata: “If the polls can’t be an accurate gauge of voters’ preferences…it just leads to people being less trusting.”

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Watch Full Measure Sundays on a Sinclair station or livestream at 9:30a EST at FullMeasure.news
Watch Full Measure Sundays on a Sinclair station or livestream at 9:30a EST at FullMeasure.news

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8 thoughts on ““The Big Miss”: Campaign 2016”

  1. You are one of the few real journalists left. The vast majority of them are nothing but PR reps for the democratic party or some special interest group. I have not watched the news on TV or bought a newspaper or read a major newspaper or major online media in years. Its sad but all they do is push an agenda now. Its all lies now. Its really pathetic.

  2. Excellent segment. Missed point: Trump made the them madder than hell. It was personal from the beginning. Why? Trump trampled on their egos. Everything he said and (more important) how he said it mocked their heartfelt religion, socialist (brainwashed in journalism school for many decades), pc, etc. pompously thinking they were reasonable, objective. This is far more than guessing wrong who was going to win the election!!!!
    After the obomination and his teleprompter, how refreshing to have Trump speak extemporaneously, and express how we actually feel, instead of how we are supposed to feel. To find out from alternate media just how much good Trump has done (breaking down racist barriers in the golf world) helping those in need – very far from being racist himself.
    This is far more than guessing wrong who was going to win the election!!!! The celebrities and elite and media are in bed together, and it is filthy – like the aristocracies of old who just did not get it because they were morally bankrupt.
    Thank God for your integrity and moral fiber, and those like you.

  3. Enjoyed your appearance on Sunday with Chris Wallace and articulation of what many people believe about the press in general and their improper role in not only elections but in everyday American life. The results of this election indicate that they are either completely incompetent in reading the American people or absolutely corrupt powermad entities but in either case with nothing to offer the average American. Exposing their biases will help to one day free the masses so keep up the good work.

  4. Thank you Sharyl for being the only true journalist left in America. I tell everyone that there is only one left, and that is you.

  5. Do you have a list of other independent journalism sites/reporters whom you respect? We need to create a new network of sources for unbiased information so we can make informed decisions as a nation.

  6. I don’t think it was a “miss’ at all. It’s called “Arrogance”. The Left and their corrupt leadership, along with the corrupt Liberal media. They actually thought they could dictate an outcome. President Obama would easily be charged with several crimes against our country if it wasn’t for his skin color. He was elected based on his skin color. It was a perfect union, or should I say a perfect Liberal union. The President, the media, and numerous government officials lied, cheated and spun a disgusting, embarrassing, pathetic agenda, and FAILED.

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