Man Bites Watchdog, Russia Election Hack & Zika Hype

Above, Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction John Sopko

Here’s what’s coming up Sunday on Full Measure.

I speak to former Obama Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, David Shedd, who explains why it’s so tough for our intel agencies to determine whether Russia or anyone else tried to influence our elections. He says even if we trace a cyberattack to a certain country, it doesn’t necessarily mean it started there, since signals can be bounced off servers in different countries to mask the origin. It’s also difficult to know whether a cyber attacker was working with the foreign government or is a lone wolf.

Former Obama head of Defense Intelligence Agency David Shedd

We’ll also talk to one of the most effective Inspectors General in government, John Sopko. Sopko was appointed by President Obama to police the $115 billion tax dollars spent in Afghanistan to rebuild the country. As he’s found rampant waste, fraud and abuse, he’s developed some powerful enemies among forces who are apparently trying to controversialize and silence him.

John Sopko, Obama’s Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction

And we’ll dissect the Zika hype. With no epidemic in the U.S. after all, Congress still recently committed $1.1 billion tax dollars to the cause. Lisa Fletcher goes to Miami to measure the unintended consequences of the Zika hype on the business community and the environment.

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Watch Full Measure Sundays on a Sinclair station or livestream at 9:30a EST at
Watch Full Measure Sundays on a Sinclair station or livestream at 9:30a EST at

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4 thoughts on “Man Bites Watchdog, Russia Election Hack & Zika Hype”

  1. I too find it stunning that wiki leaks hacked DNC emails back in Sept-Oct were rarely reported and today as CNN and others keep reporting no one shares the contents of the emails. I read the emails and my take was all about internal DNC stuff of Clinton over a Sanders win. A few on the provide Clinton questions before a debate – but not some kind of earth-shattering issue like mainstream is reporting. I would think China and their trying to take over the Pacific with island invasions and Naval drone capture rises to a higher bar of concern. One thing I ask if you can check – Podesta says the hacking may have come through plishing of his gmail account. I do not believe this – I believe and if I remember correctly the FBI actually warned of potential hacking to both the DNC and RNC. I think the leak not Podesta or DNC but Clinton private server where ALL her emails were gathered. My grandson could hack her server – and to be honest with a husband who has done State Dept and DOD work, years ago was told to never have a yahoo or gmail account as personal emails for could get tangled with his .gov email account. gmail known to be easily hacked. I just stunned Podesta email and others were gmail.

  2. Sharyl today brought up that Donald Trump is considering not getting a daily intelligence briefing. Whether good or bad, she might not have been aware that Bob Gates, in his book “Duty,” wrote that President Obama listened to the first daily intelligency briefing, and never went to another one after that. Bush, on the other hand, thought it was one of the most important things he did, and he never missed them except on Sundays.

  3. Sharyl, I love the fact that you report stories NO ONE else in MSM will touch. Keep up the good work!!! Stories like this are why I read your website.

  4. It appears the only reason hacking the election is a big deal the preferred candidate lost. I say this because the US, and probably many nations with the capability, have done the same over the years. One example from history is Iranian elections in the early 50’s, Iranian citizens democratically elected a new leader. But this was not the leader the US desired so the CIA deposed, by force, the elected leader and installed the Shah who was friendly to the US. Of course no nation should interfere in any other nations election process but that’s not the ways of the world.

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