CDC Scientist Confesses to Destroying Study Documents on Link Between Vaccines and Autism in Black Boys (But… Crickets)

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ould you ever imagine that a sitting senior scientist at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) would confess to meeting with his CDC colleagues and literally throwing study documents in a trash can to obfuscate a link they found between vaccines and autism in African American boys? And that they then omitted key information from their published study in Pediatrics? And that he, the CDC scientist, preserved copies of the documents in a safe and hired a lawyer because he assumed their destruction was illegal? And that he provided them to a member of Congress for investigation and hearings?

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Would you ever imagine that such news would be followed by crickets in Congress, where pharmaceutical and vaccine industry lobbyists outnumber members of Congress?

Would you ever imagine that the news wouldn’t make front page international headlines in the news, which receives billions in advertising dollars from the pharmaceutical and vaccine industry?

It happened.

Two and a half years ago and counting.

Tick, tick.[hr]

Rep. Bill Posey reads CDC whistleblower’s account about “trashing” study documents

Read the CDC whistleblower’s public statement

CDC responds to allegations (AUDIO)

Top CDC official says it’s “possible” that vaccines rarely trigger autism

Read more stories and also CDC vaccine safety information here[hr]

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10 thoughts on “CDC Scientist Confesses to Destroying Study Documents on Link Between Vaccines and Autism in Black Boys (But… Crickets)”

  1. Seems they take after the climate scientists….I have never seen it where so much “research” is kept squirreled away and asking for access is an affront to their work….

    My eighty two year old mother is a fountain of youth…Her older sisters had scarlet fever, but I believe she only had smallpox vaccine…I’m all for science, but the overkill seems obvious. Considering we are 5% of world population and use 90% of all pain killers prescribe, this lends me to the conclusion more then health is involved in all this….

  2. anotherinternetuser003

    Thanks for covering this Sharyl Once again you are objectively taking on the issues most major news media outlets won’t touch or will just give biased coverage of. Trump has has been openly talking about vaccines and autism and other “real world issues” for quite some time even when he had everything to lose by speaking out about them and yet politicians/main stream media and others are dumbfounded as to why Trump got elected anyway; he is off to a good start regarding the vaccine/autism connection with the appointment of Kennedy to the head the vaccine safety commission. Lets hope he keeps pushing for an independent, honest answer to the vaccine/autism question.

  3. Sheryl:

    Thank you so much for keeping this issue in the news. Those interested in this story can read my book, “INOCULATED: How Science Lost its Soul in Autism” which deals with the Thompson case at length. Some time you should try to get me on your show!

    All the best,
    Kent Heckenlively, J.D.

  4. It’s unbelievable. Time for scientists and researchers to understand we all care about the same thing: healthy children. If that means delaying the MMR until after age three (which is what my co-author, Dr. Paul Thomas, M.D., does in his practice, with outstanding results both of vaccine uptake and autism reduction), then that is what we should do. But if we are so entrenched in an ideology and a preconceived bias that we are not even willing to have the conversation, our entire country suffers.

  5. If only there was some way to store study documents “digitally”? Then our scientists wouldn’t have to handle stacks of paper, and use actual trash cans to dispose of data. Oh well, maybe we can look forward to such technological marvels in the 1990s!

  6. I am a severely disabled man of 56 who hates that he is on Disability from Social Security. I have been broken for 5 years but finally am showing some improvements. I dare say had I did not have a loving family who has supplemented my disability with regular inflows of cash, I would on the street or under a bridge.

    This argument about pain killers is very false. There are a tremendous group of people who unable to buy pain killers in the US and abroad. If I didn’t have access to my daily morphine or my oxycodone, I would be buying heroin and drinking to stop my pain. We in Florida just legalized medical marijuana. Those of us in pain are thankful because now there will be another pain medicine safer than alcohol from causing overdoses to us serious legal drug users.

    I won’t get into the causes of my epidural fibrosis, but can tell you, in your worst nightmare, you don’t want to have this insidious pain. I am very lucky I can actually still drive and I do get out 3 days a week. Without my pain meds, I would live my life in bed. I’m simply saying when you travel overseas and see the poor begging for money. Many became alcoholics trying to stop pain. It is still the cheapest pain fighter. Many may not even know they are drinking to mask pain. Pain is funny that way. I’m not saying 100% of the drunks of the world are fighting pain, I bet the percentage is higher than most can imagine.

    1. I somewhat understand your dilemma as I too have back problems and am on disability for it. Degenerative disc disease is what I have, and so far have opted out and or been told I am not a good candidate for spinal fusion. But as to the nerve tissue damage I do have some at the base of my neck that was made worse after having the nerves tested by a doctor who was overly zealous when administering the test, I now have permanent loss of feeling in the tips of both my index finger as well as the middle finger, on a daily basis it doesn’t bother me much, but as I was a guitar player I have to get over the fact that I can no longer feel the strings when I play.

  7. Sharyl… I’ve been watching you! You are SO brave!! Please be careful. You are stepping on toes belonging to some of the most powerful people on earth. I know that you must know this. I’m a grandma and retired teacher. During much of the past four years I have been informing myself about many of the things you also research. I was vaccinated (over-vaccinated as an Army brat) and survived fairly in tact; and I vaccinated my daughters in the 80s. But, now that I KNOW what a complete scam vaccines are (well, that the risks OVERWHELM any potential benefits). NO vaccine will never pass through my skin again. Most of my family feel the same, some are merely more cautious, not yet to full-on anti-vax status. But, these family members haven’t put in the 2000+ of reading that I have since my grand-daughter was born. And now that I realize the rapacious nature of Pharma and their partner, CDC… and see that they want to inject day-old babies (even the preemies!) with a Heb B vaccine and insist that the entire medical industrial complex (that they largely fund) all advocate in unison for that day 1 vaccine plus 69 more until a child is 18… well, it’s not short of insane. My mother’s generation fell for the Pharma lies about HRT (hormone replacement therapy), I had a close friend be incapacitated and then die at 65 from Vioxx. I’ve lost friends over in the vaccine debate… how could I “be so irresponsible?” Now I know that if more of us don’t expose the astro-turfing and lies there will be more and more deaths and disabilities swept under the rug… so many people still believe Andy Wakefield was a fraud and that not a single case of autism was the result of a vaccine. THANK YOU Sharyl… the world needs investigative reporters with backbones more than ever. Just, be careful.

  8. Well I have an unproven theory. I’m 60 years old and I remember my father and my grandfather the woodlot making a living supporting their families. Accidents happen the work was rough from long. Did they use painkillers did they have medical marijuana between 1920 – 1970.
    I think prescription painkillers and medical marijuana are very extremely addictive, they fool with your mind telling you that you need them for your supposed pain. Sorry if I’ve offended you but does that Hydro morphine is just too easy to get. Buck up and don’t start taking dope.

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